Broil King Products with Custom Logos

Ignite Your Marketing Campaigns with Broil King Products!

Unleash the master griller in your clients and employees with Broil King's range of grilling products! Broil King, a name that resonates with quality and innovation in outdoor grilling, offers an experience beyond mere cooking. With Logotech, these grilling essentials can be used as tools for marketing your brand!

About Broil King 

Broil King's legacy in the grilling world began in 1904 in Ontario, Canada, evolving from a fountain pen company to a leader in barbecue grills under Onward Manufacturing Company. Renowned for its versatile range, including wood pellet, propane, charcoal, electric, and portable grills, Broil King has been at the forefront of grill innovation since 1906. These grills are not just cooking appliances but a fusion of performance and flavor enhancement, a cornerstone of the perfect barbecue. Dedicated to maintaining high-quality standards, Broil King's grills have earned a reputation for being the go-to choice for grilling enthusiasts around the globe.

Types of Branded Broil King Products 

Logotech proudly offers a wide selection of Broil King's grilling products in bulk, perfect for corporate branding! Our range includes renowned models like the Monarch, Regal, Gem, and Crown, each known for its unique features and grilling capabilities. These grills cater to every grilling need, whether it's a family backyard barbecue or a professional culinary setup.

Beyond grills, our collection extends to portable grills, a variety of smokers, and essential grilling accessories like tool sets, aprons, and thermometers. These products are functional and stylish, making them excellent corporate gifts or rewards program prizes! Customize these Broil King products with your logo, and they transform into unique, branded items that reflect your company's commitment to quality and enjoyment.

Uses for Products from Broil King 

Make your brand a part of memorable grilling experiences! Custom Broil King products are perfect for corporate events, team-building retreats, or as part of a customer loyalty program. These products become a way for clients and employees to associate your brand with quality leisure time, enhancing brand recall whenever the grill fires up.

Custom Broil King grills and accessories are also ideal for culinary-themed promotions or as high-value prizes in company contests. Incorporating Broil King products in your marketing strategy showcases your brand at various events. It aligns it with a lifestyle of enjoyment, quality, and community, resonating well with a broad audience!

Benefits of Marketing with Broil King Products

Promoting your brand with Broil King products means associating your brand with excellence and enjoyment. These high-quality grilling products, personalized with your logo, are long-lasting reminders of your brand's commitment to delivering premium experiences. They offer extensive visibility, as grilling is popular across various demographics, ensuring your brand reaches a wide and diverse audience. Using Broil King promotional products in your marketing strategy will enhance brand recall and strengthen your brand's association with quality and reliability.

Let your brand sizzle with wholesale Broil King products, customized for your brand! Let these grilling marvels be the flame that ignites your brand's visibility and strengthens connections with your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How are logos added to promotional grills and smokers?

A: We use full-color, all-weather stickers to add your logos to promotional Broil King grills or smokers.

Q: How are Broil King Grills powered?

A: Broil King has options for propane, charcoal, and pellet grills.

Q: Does Logotech ship internationally? 

A: We can ship internationally; click here for details.

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