Customizable Writing Instruments.

Imprinted Writing Instruments are Timeless Promotional Products!

Custom pens, pencils and highlighters from Logotech offer some of the best return on investment for your promotion and marketing plans. Writing instruments like these are some of the most popular and affordable ways to Get Noticed!

Why pens? Because anyone can use a good pen, pencil or highlighter. Customers love them!

Almost every home in the U.S. has a custom pen or 10 they picked up at a trade or home show, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute. They may have gotten pens from their bank or mechanic -- or taken them home from the office. Because custom pens are low-cost, they are an easy giveaway for your brand. When a client wants to tell friends and family about your business, it is easy to hand over the pen. Your phone number, name and website will be at their fingertips! 

Custom pens come in a range of prices, styles and inks. How you, or your customers, will use a pen may affect what you want to order, too. There are high-end, engraved and refillable pens. Ballpoint, rollerball and gel pens all have different features and different inks. We can help determine which one you need.

While every good pen will write, there are many multifunctional pens on the market now. We have pens that include a stylus for your mobile device or laptop screen. There are pens with a laser pointer and even a hidden USB flash drive inside. We have pens that will prop your cell phone for watching videos or reading websites. Need a good multi-tool? Some include flashlights and a mini screwdriver, too.

Pencils are also available in a wide range of styles and uses. Colored pencils are very popular as adults have found coloring books a relaxing hobby. Mechanical pencils mean never needing a sharpener. Carpenter pencils are needed in the construction industry, so they are a sharp giveaway for trade and home shows. Public libraries, school districts, and any teaching setting needs pencils. Highlighters, too. Order them imprinted with your name and logo for your students and families.

Contact us to find the right pens, pencils or highlighters for your marketing plan today!

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