Custom PopSockets and Bulk PopSockets Personalized with Your Logo.

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33 Items

Our selection of personalized PopSockets and customized Popgrips includes wallets, mounts, koozies, and phone grips.

Are you considering PopSockets for promotional products? Want to know where to buy PopSocket grips and how to design your own PopSocket?

Discover now why the right choice for your business is personalized PopSockets and PopGrips.

When you purchase authentic bulk PopSockets, your customers know you appreciate quality and a brand they know and trust. Don't believe us? Keep reading about what PopGrips are and what they can do for your organization.

Where can I find cheap PopSockets?

Finding cheap PopSockets is easier than ever. Logotech offers 100% authentic PopGrips at heavily discounted prices. 

Get wholesale PopSockets imprinted with a logo from Logotech.

Your business will receive a marketing boost when you give away customizable PopSocket PopGrips, printed in the USA. Why? Because consumers want them.

Once your customers have experienced the usefulness of a personalized phone grip, they will never go back to not having one. Instead, clients will appreciate your company for giving it to them.

Why do you want to create your own PopSocket? 

Because the backside of a mobile phone is prime ad space, you will also appreciate both the quality and the cost.

Our PopGrips are a well-made product that lasts. Check out our YouTube video to see How Custom PopSockets are Made. It gives you an idea of the technology and care put into each personalized PopGrip.

We will help you create your own Pop Socket with suggestions on the best designs and styles of branded PopSockets for your business.

Can I get a PopSocket under $5? 

Yes. Branded PopSockets are very affordable. Our bulk PopSockets prices start at $4.40. How much do PopSockets cost in retail stores? Up to 3-4 times our price. 

In addition, we completely personalize them with your logo, slogan, or image -- custom engraved, in spot color, or full color.

How long does it take to get a custom PopSocket? 

It takes no time at all to get a PopSocket bulk order for you! Your personalized phone grip is shipped out just five days after you approve its style, logo, and design. With shipping time and depending on your location, your PopGrips can be in hand within ten business days. Need a rush order? Talk to your Account Manager, and we can do that for you for an even faster turnaround.

What is a PopSocket? 

A PopSocket is a customized phone grip and kickstand. It attaches to the back of any mobile device. The accordion design – the pop in PopSockets – pops out to hold your phone firmly, down to place it in a bag or back pocket. 

As a phone holder, the PopGrip prevents accidental drops. That saves the user the inconvenience of replacing a screen or, worse – buying a new phone. Nothing is more frustrating than a slip of the hand sending an expensive iPhone or Samsung Galaxy crashing to the pavement.

As a mobile kickstand, a PopGrip props up your phone to watch videos hands-free. For gamers, it helps hold screens tight for video gameplay. 

PopGrips are also reusable. When it is time to change phones or cases, they will move it to the new device. Rinse the repositionable adhesive gel under cool water and let it dry for 10 minutes. It reapplies to the next case with no problems.

What else can a PopSocket do? 

Cool PopSocket designs are not only for holding your phone either. They come in a wide variety of styles for various uses. 

The PopThirst Cup Sleeve comfortably holds hot or cold drinks during your morning commute, afternoon coffee pick-me-up, or any time of day. They are exceptional marketing products for coffee shops or bean roasters. They also fit many frozen treat containers, FYI.

Are you hosting a reunion? Then, pick the PopThirst Can Holder for your promotional giveaway. These beverage koozies with an attached PopGrip will look excellent with your school mascot imprinted. 

They are also an imaginative and exciting new idea to promote your bar, restaurant, or adult beverage bottling company.

Does your organization cater to businesspeople? The corporate world uses and loves its phone wallets. For them, the PopWallet Plus is your best promotional giveaway option. 

These mobile wallets hold three credit cards or six business cards for quick access. They also pop off for wireless charging. 

Purchase our PopMount combos for even more convenience for your customers and brand recognition for your business. PopMounts attach a phone to almost any hard surface. There are mounts for car vents, dashboards, windshields, desks, and nightstands. 

Our wholesale PopGrips include the original plastic PopSocket and aluminum PopSocket phone stands. Our wide selection also includes mirrored compacts, lip balm, iridescent and gemstone colors, wood, and vegan leather styles. 

How much does a custom PopSocket cost? 

A customized PopSocket in bulk ranges from $4.40 to $44.00 each, depending on the style you choose. We have many PopSockets under $5. That is an absolute bargain for one of the most popular promotional products on the market now. They will remain on phones for a long time, hanging out with your logo and making each advertising impression you get from them even more valuable for your brand.

Why are PopSockets PopGrips an excellent promotional giveaway? 

Branded PopSockets are a walking billboard for your business. The average person pulls out their cell phone 85 times a day. So your brand will receive impressions -- views of the logo -- every time they use it.

There are inexpensive counterfeit PopSocket PopGrips on the market. It may be tempting to go in that direction. Learn why this is a terrible idea for your business in our blog post, Real PopSockets vs. Counterfeit Phone Grips.

Still unsure if PopGrips are the way to go? Want to try one out with a free PopSocket sample? Learn how to get one on the Logotech blog.

Are you ready to design your own branded PopSockets? Send your logo over to us now. In no time at all, our design team will reply with a free digital sample to preview.

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