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  1. Swivel USB Drive

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  2. Credit Card Shaped USB

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  3. USB Key Flash Drive

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  4. Custom USB Wristband

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  5. Credit Card Shaped USB

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  6. Custom USB-C Flash Drive

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  7. Uncle Sam USB Flash Drive

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  8. Swivel Metal USB Drive

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  9. Dome Swivel Flash Drive

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  10. Metal Ring Flash Drive

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  11. Bottle Opener USB Drive

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  12. Dog Tag USB Flash Drive

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  13. Lanyard USB Flash Drive

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  14. Stylus USB Pen

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  15. Swivel Leather USB

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  16. Metal Clip USB Drive

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  17. Wine Cork USB Flash Drive

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  18. Crystal USB Flash Drive

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  19. Wooden USB Flash Drive

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  20. Tooth USB Flash Drive

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  21. Custom Leather USB Drive

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  22. Slap On USB Wristband

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Items 1-48 of 652


Custom flash drives are what Logotech is known for in the promotional products industry.

Logotech is the company that offers custom USB with a personal touch!

We have the largest online selection of bulk USB drives with the best prices. We source and manufacture our products in-house. So there are no limits for our customers in their choices.

We control the customization process from start to finish. That gives you bulk flash drives with free imprints of your logo, free data preloads, and fast, free delivery.

Logotech also has the best customer service in the bulk flash drive industry. Our Account Managers want to ensure you get the bulk thumb drives to best suit how you use them.

Whether you need 25 or 250,000 custom USB drives, we will make your idea and vision come to life.

We are hawks on pricing. Flash memory is a commodity, like oil and corn. So when pricing fluctuates, we adjust accordingly.

Sign up for our emails or request a quote. You will get regular email notifications to save you money.

How can personalized flash drives help your business?

Today, any business, small or large, can use personalized USB drives to promote its brand. Read our client stories. These real-life examples can help you learn why custom USB flash drives are a smart option for your organization. There are vast numbers of examples of how USB flash drives can help to promote your business!

How do customers use their branded flash drives?

Custom flash drives are a popular item at trade shows and expo booths to distribute your marketing materials.

When you need to share large video files with partners across the country, custom USB sticks are a great option.

Police investigators transfer surveillance, officer body cam, and squad car video, or other investigative programs to prosecutors on jump drives.

Memory sticks are the safest, most reliable way to update software or operating systems when machinery cannot connect to the internet.

Schools and universities use jump drives to share study guides with their students. For example, international university programs provide everything students need for visas and housing information on branded USB drives.

Adventure travel and zip line operations load participant's photos on personalized thumb drives and sell them to customers.

Filmmakers and distributors put movies on custom USB flash drives, either to sell to customers directly or to play in theaters using digital equipment.

Auto dealerships and title companies using e-closing software provide closing documents on bespoke memory sticks.

Credit card USB drives offer photo-quality imprints and work as a business card, making them popular for attorneys, accountants, and other professionals.

There are as many ways for companies to use personalized flash drives as there are businesses. Read more about Who Uses Flash Drives on the Logotech blog.

You can color imprint or laser engrave your wholesale flash drives with a logo and contact information. Logotech uses a PMS color matching system to coordinate with your branding.

Which promotional USB drives are best for your business?

We offer a huge selection of customizable flash drive models. You can watch videos demonstrating many of them on ourYouTube channel for ideas and inspiration.

Then check out some of our most popular, best-selling custom USB categories:

Custom Shaped Flash Drives by Industry

Our gallery of custom-shaped USB flash drives is sorted by industry. This guide will make shopping for personalized thumb drives easy and convenient, no matter what business you are in. You will indeed find in these shaped jump drives the perfect representation of your products and services.

USB people

Exclusively from Logotech, we have added USB people-shaped flash drives for our custom memory card collection. Individualize these exclusively designed human shapes for your business and industry. We can make them for any profession in any gender, skin tone, hair color, and uniform.

USB Business Cards

With your new business card USB drive, also called a credit card USB, you will make an unforgettable impression. These memory cards are slim enough to fit into a wallet or back pocket and offer full-color imprints.

Bracelet Flash Drives

USB bracelet flash drives and USB wristbands are trendy for schools, colleges, and conventions. You will get attention and keep it with a custom bracelet thumb drive.

Key Flash Drives

Every time your customers pick up their keys, they will remember your brand! And, of course, they can use these USB keys whenever they need to transfer data quickly.

As you can see, we have a wide selection of custom jump drives. So choose the best for you!

Bulk USB Flash Drive Buying Guide

Here is everything you need to know about what flash drives are.

What is a USB flash drive?

USB flash drives are storage devices that use flash memory as a storage medium. They are connected to a computer or other reader via the USB interface. USB flash drives are removable, offer fast read and write speeds, are rewritable, and are physically much smaller than an optical disc.

How are flash drives used?

Uses for USB drives include storage, transfer, data exchange, backup, and loading operating systems (Live USB). Usually, the device has an elongated shape and a cap that covers the plug. Sometimes a chain or loop is included for attaching to a key ring.

Modern flash drives come in a variety of sizes and ways of protecting the connector. They may have a "non-standard" appearance (army knife, watch, etc.) and various additional features (entering a pin code or fingerprint verification to access the flash drive, for example).

What is the difference between a flash drive, a thumb drive, and a jump drive?

Flash drive and jump drive refer to the same storage device that connects to a USB port. There is no difference. They are also called thumb drives, pen drives, memory sticks, keychain drives, and USB drives.

These terms are synonymous and used interchangeably. Before you buy a USB thumb or USB jump drive, first determine which style is perfect for your needs. They are a great business promotional item.

What type of data can be preloaded on USB flash drives?

You can preload various information and data like text documents, audio and video files, photos, and images. Of course, it all depends on the thumb drive's storage capacity and your requirements.

How much data can flash drives hold?

The amount of data that a flash drive can hold depends on its storage capacity. Therefore, the memory capacity of a USB flash drive is one of the main criteria when choosing the right one for your business. Flash memory is measured in megabytes (MB), gigabytes (GB), and terabytes (TB). Commonly, memory can range from 128MB to 2TB.

What is the difference between UDP and COB flash drives?

These are two different types of USB connections. UDP flash drives are developed under a newer technology and more compact.

UDP – USB Disk in Package – is primarily used in tiny thumb drives. The memory, controller, and electrical circuits are contained in one enclosed part. This makes them the most rugged from the USB memory devices and even water-resistant.

COB – Chip on Board – flash drives are the more traditional type you may recognize. The circuits are wired and bonded directly to a printed circuit board then protected with epoxy. This design allows for other features, including indicator lights and even light-up custom USB.

What materials are flash drives made of?

We offer a wide selection of flash drives from materials including:

Which thumb drive material is suitable for your business depends on the image you are looking to present.

Leather flash drives and crystal jump drives add elegance to your marketing.

Lanyard thumb drives are wearable. As a result, they are very popular for colleges, conferences, and professional symposiums.

Wooden flash drives with a logo laser engraved on them look unique and sophisticated. They are very popular USB drives for photographers.

Also, Logotech has jump drives made from post-consumer recycled plastic and recycled paper. They show how your company is dedicated to reducing waste.

Our high-quality flash drives will help you add a bright accent to your business.

Choose the one you prefer the most!

What technology is inside custom USB drives?

Our stock of bulk flash drives includes the latest technological advances. We have custom USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 thumb drives and USB C connectors for some models.

The 3.0 technology offers 10x's faster transfer speeds and is perfect for video and photography sharing. Our USB 3.0 models start at 8GB memory capacity.

Our most popular USB memory capacities start at 128 MB and go up to 256 GB.

Need more or less memory? Ask your Account Manager for more information.

Custom Flash Drive Personalization Guide

How can I personalize USB drives?

You can personalize your USB flash drives by having Logotech apply a logo to their surface.

There are several ways we can apply the logo: laser engraving, debossing, or color printing. The application option depends on the material from which the USB flash drive is made, including plastic, metal, wood, acrylic, or PVC rubber.

Also, we can get personalized flash drive from a non-standard appearance and make it into the shape of a person, car, food – basically anything you can think of.

How are my wholesale flash drives branded?

Your USB flash drives can be branded by printing, embossing, or engraving your company, school, or organization logo. It will help to promote your business or group more effectively.

What type of logo can be printed on bulk USB drives?

You can print any logo, text, or image on bulk flash drives. Most models have two imprint areas so that you can put more information on them. Your organization, school, university, or club logo can be printed on one side and your contact details on the other.

Add any message you want for any purpose. All you need to do is choose the material, style of the USB drive, and decoration method. Our quality decoration methods include:

  • Debossing
  • Epoxy Dome
  • Full color
  • Laser engraving
  • Screenprint
  • UV printing

Would you like to see your logo on a personalized USB? Send it over to us now. Our design team will reply with a free digital sample in no time at all.

What is a custom-shaped USB?

A custom-shaped USB is a thumb drive with a "non-standard" appearance. Today's market offers lots of shapes and sizes of flash drives. They can be in the form of cars, people, candy, weapons – anything you can imagine. The flash drive's unique shape will draw attention to your business and help to promote and develop it.

Learn more about custom-shaped USB flash drive types on our blog.

How can branded USB drives help me promote my business?

Logo flash drives can be a significant part of your promotional product strategy if used correctly.

First, you should brand your USB flash drive with a logo. It will be a great way of marketing your business name, and it will make your brand well known to the public.

The next step can be planning giveaways using bulk thumb drives. Customers are very attracted by the word "free." So using these branded USB flash drives as a freebie when customers purchase your products is a great idea.

You can also use custom branded USB sticks to thank those who attended your conference, promotional event, or presentation. This way, attendees of your event will remember your business and your presentation for longer.

How much do custom flash drives cost if you buy in bulk?

The most important factor that affects the price of USB drives is the flash memory. If you buy in bulk, the wholesale price of custom USB Drives will be anywhere between $1.50 to $32.00 USD. Customization, shipping, and data preload are included in that price.

What is the best place to purchase bulk flash drives?

Logotech is the best place to purchase bulk flash drives, and there are many reasons for that.

We sell factory direct, wholesale USB drives. As a wholesale supplier, we have control over every stage of the customization process. As a result, we can offer you free imprints and free data preload services along with free, fast delivery.

We will load up to 1GB of data to your custom jump drives at no charge. Need more data? Ask your Account Manager for details on larger preloads.

In a hurry and need your bulk thumb drives now? We offer a 24-Hour turnaround when you are in a rush for your next client event, trade show, or expo booth – or any time you need flash drives fast.

Our customer service is the best in the industry. Our Dedicated Account Managers know custom flash drives and will help you to find exactly what you need. In addition, they get to know you, your company, and what you want printed thumb drives to do for your business.

Exceptional customer service is not just a buzzword for us. We pride ourselves on fast, efficient answers to your questions to get the right product delivered on time and within budget.

Logotech has a track record that cannot be beaten. We have thousands of positive customer reviews from clients around the world. Time and again, our customers praise Logotech's great prices, excellent service, and quality products.

Logotech uses a revolutionary process to create 100% custom-shaped flash drives. They are made to represent whatever you need them to your business's top-selling product, shaped like your logo or designed to look like your CEO.

After you send your logo, we will send back a free digital sample of your product. Thus, you can see exactly how your logo and name will appear on the jump drive before it goes into production.

Do you not have a logo and need help to design one? Our graphic design team can create a logo design for your business. Let us know what you need it to look like, and we can help.

To ensure you get the best value in personalized thumb drives, we always offer the best prices.

Finally, we have the largest selection of bulk USB flash drives in the industry. You will find the quality, logo-printed promotional flash drive you want.

Now, check out all of Logotech's custom USB thumb drives arranged by material, style, and use. We have branded memory sticks that are ideally suited for your business needs.

Ready to see your logo and branding on a custom USB flash drive? Please send us your logo now. Our graphic design team will get you a free, no-obligation digital sample of your product in no time.

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