Everything You Want to Know About Custom Shaped USB Drives

Everything You Want to Know About Custom Shaped USB Drives

Custom shaped USB drives are our specialty.


Logotech has made thousands of unique jump drive designs for companies all over the world.

Customers find us because our past clients rave about our custom rubber USB drives. Once their friends and colleagues see our custom shaped products, they want to make their own thumb drive for their organizations.

With our revolutionary process, we can go from an idea to physical product in your hand faster than the competition. At a better price.

We make both 2D and 3D flash drives. These pen drives in different shapes are built in a few styles: slider, pull apart, and pull out. Each design is slightly different, and each has its benefits.


A few things to know about our custom shaped products:

  • Our design team takes your ideas, photos, logos or whatever other information you have to create the design. No matter how simple or complex your idea is, we will create a design we think you will love.

  • Once our factory has created a mold and a live sample, we will send you photos to approve before full production begins.  

  • We can match PMS colors for your design guidelines.


Now, let's start with the basics of the fun, shaped USB flash drives we can make for you.

What is a 2D flash drive?

2D Custom Flash Drives are molded, flat and between 1/4-inch to 1/3-inch thick. When turned to the side, it appears as a line.

They can be printed both on sides, and are pull out, pull apart or slider models. They can be shaped as just about anything. Our customers often request 2D shaped USB drives made of their logo.

Logos are just one idea. We have done tour buses, record albums, bicycles, whales and many other shapes in 2D styles.


What is a 3D flash drive?

3D flash drives also start with a custom mold. They can be shaped like nearly anything, as long as the shape still allows it to be inserted in a USB port.

They are often shaped as a tiny version of the client's product, or something that represents the company or organization. When turned it has height, depth and width -- a fully formed shape.

We have done 3D thumb drives in everything from a globe to a space alien sitting in a UFO. Our USB people are also considered 3D flash drives. The only limit to these shaped products is your imagination.

Both custom shaped flash drive styles are available in either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. Our  3.0 USB flash drives start with 8GBs of memory capacity.


Now, learn about your design options for 2D and 3D thumb drives.

These are the options we provide to create just the right design for you.


Slider 2D Custom Flash Drive

Slider 2D Custom Flash Drive


Slide the button (usually on the back of the unit) and the USB flash drive connector slides out of the body. These models use a UDP -- USB disk in package -- chip. This is the same chip used in our business card USB drives. They are slim, compact and waterproof.


3D Slider USB Flash Drive

3D Slider USB Flash Drive

Custom 3D Slider USB Flash Drive

This design is suggested for models where one part of the design is very flat. Like the  2D slider shaped flash drive, they use a UDP chip.

For both 2D and 3D, the flash drive slider and housing is made of plastic, but the final product around it is made of PVC rubber.


Pull Apart 2D Flash Drive

Pull Apart 2D Flash Drive

These models come in two parts that when connected appear as a solid piece. Typically they split -- or pull apart -- somewhere in the center. When pulled apart, one side holds the USB connector. The other part works as a cap. Push them back together to see the piece as a whole.


Pull Apart 3D USB Flash Drive

Pull Apart 3D USB Flash Drive

Like the 2D version, the pull apart 3D flash drive looks like one shape that pulls apart in the middle. This works great for thinner designs.


Pull Out Flash Drive 2D

Pull Out Flash Drive 2D

Pull Out 2D Flash Drive 2

These are also two-part devices, but they come apart in a different way. The portion with the USB connector is smaller and nestles into one side of the shape. Often, we will place a small ring or additional grip on the end to help pull out the flash drive section. The grip is now part of the design. This is a great option if you don't want your logo or design to appear split when plugged into a computer.


Pull Out 3D Flash Drive

Pull Out 3D Flash Drive

Some clients want complicated shapes to represent a product or logo. To make it look just right, it is a fatter design. If it is too wide, however, the USB drive won't lay flat when plugged into a laptop computer. That is when the pull out design is preferred. The section with the USB flash drive connector is small and sits in the larger piece. The pull out part becomes part of the overall design. It fits into a laptop USB port just fine.


Which style of flash drive do you want for your custom product? It depends on your design and the idea. For some logos, a pull apart is perfect. Others may not want to split the design, so a slider or pull out version is preferred.

What can you do with custom shaped USB memory sticks? Give them away to your customers loaded with information about your company or its products. Leave them behind at sales calls as a gift. Hand them out at trade shows and expo booths. Make them for your HR department to give out at career fairs.

Logotech can also make custom shaped power banks and custom pillows for your business promotions. Our 100% Custom Products give you endless opportunities for unique promotional giveaways.

Your ideas are our inspiration.

Are you ready to design a custom shaped USB drive for your business? Check out our custom shaped USB drives to get some ideas going. Then contact Logotech to get started.


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