Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order from Logotech?
Logotech offers two ways to order.

Quick Quote:
• On the page for your selected product, request a Quick Quote. The site will ask for some basic information, including your name, phone number, and email address, and the quantity you are looking for. After sending, you will receive an email. Reply to that email with your logo/artwork, and an Account Manager will contact you.
• The Account Manager will collect information about your project, due date, and what you are trying to achieve with the product(s). If needed, they will help find additional suggestions that will work for your needs and your budget.
• Looking for custom-shaped and original products? Use the Quick Quote option or contact Logotech directly at 1-888-244-5152

• On the page for your selected product, click on the Buy button. You will then be asked to register on the site with basic information and provide details about your quantities and color selection.
• Proceed to Checkout. After Checkout, you will get a response email to forward your logo artwork to designers. Or, forward your art to:
• You will be assigned an Account Manager who will finalize the sale.

Whether you choose Quick Quote or the Buy option, you will get a digital sample of your product and be contacted by an Account Manager. No sale is completed without your final approval. Your Account Manager will ensure the product and imprint are exactly what you are looking for.
Can I have a preview of what finished product would look like?
Absolutely! Simply email your logo to or send it to your Account Manager. We will create a digital sample of your personalized product with your art and send it via email. If you like the way it looks, we can proceed with your order. If it needs tweaking, we can do that as well.
Can I have a live sample of my finished product?
Yes. Ask your Account Manager for more details.
What imprint/decoration options do you offer?
Please see your selected products to determine which imprint method is offered, or ask your Account Manager.

The most common decoration methods are:
• Screen Print
• Debossing
• Embossing
• Dome
• Embroidery
• Foil Stamp
• Laser Engraving
• Heat Transfer
• Pad Print
• Color Stamp
• Color Fill
• Digitizing
• 4 Color Process
• UV Printing
Where do I send my artwork and what type of file do you accept?
You can simply email your logo to or send it to your Account Manager. To make it as easy as possible, we will try to work with any type of file that you send us.
What if I do not have artwork/digital files of my artwork?
Send us what you have. Our expert designers can create exactly what we need. Don't have any art? Talk to your Account Manager, and we will create it for you.
Do you keep my art on file?
Yes! We keep customer art on file, so if you need to reorder without any changes, we can keep it simple for you. If you need changes or if your brand has updated its logo and messaging, please let us know when you reorder.
What can you imprint on promotional products?
Just about anything! Your logo and other messaging are imprinted as the size allows. If the product is too small for your artwork, we will help you find a different product or a logo that will look better. Ask your Account Manager for more information.
We have a custom font. Can you imprint the products with it?
Please attach in your email the font file in .otf format or a link to a downloadable file, and we will use your custom font on the product. If you do not have that information, please tell us the font's name and we will find it.
What are set-up charges?
Some items we offer have set-up charges for custom imprinting: things like printing plates, film, setting up the laser engraving or embroidery machines, etc. These charges are separate from the actual cost of the items. However, if you place an exact re-order for the same item, your setup fee might be lower or even free.
Can you match our Pantone (PMS) color?
Yes, we can PMS color match, and some products can be created to match. For your reference, the PMS color chart can be found here. Contact your Account Manager for more information. 
How fast can you deliver my product(s)?
Based on the product, we can deliver it in as little as 24 hours. The average turnaround time is two weeks, and custom products may take longer. Ask your Account Manager for information.
How are your orders shipped?
Most of our orders are shipped via UPS, DHL, and FedEx. In some cases, we use private delivery services. We can also use your account for shipping.
I need products in-hand soon for an event. Can you do that?
Please tell your Account Manager your in-hand date, and we will work hard to accommodate your request.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do. You can find more information here.
Do you charge Sales Tax?
We only charge sales tax on all orders shipped to Illinois.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Wire transfers, Bill Me Later, and Checks. We offer net terms to schools and government organizations.
How are your products packaged?
We offer a wide selection of packaging options, including completely custom solutions. Please contact your account manager for more details.
What can you tell me about USB flash drives?
• The minimum USB flash drive order quantity is low. For most models, it is only 25 units.
• Customization is included in the base USB flash drive price.
• Some USB flash drives are available with full-color imprints.
• Our USB flash drives are covered with a limited one (1) year warranty.
• Accessories are available for USB flash drives.
• We only use tier-one memory.
• We also offer USB 3.0 and USB-C flash drives.
What are your USB flash drives memory sizes, and how much memory do I need?
Our selection of memory sizes ranges from 128Mb - 256Gb. Smaller and larger memory capacities are available upon request. The amount of memory you need is determined by how many documents/photos/music/videos you will be loading on the drives and how your customers use them.

Here is a quick reference of USB drive memory capacity:

• 128 MB (1,200 pages of text, 80 photos, or 30 MP3 music files)
• 256 MB (4,800 pages of text, 160 photos, or 60 MP3 music files)
• 512 MB (9600 pages of text, 320 photos, or 100 MP3 music files)
• 1 GB (20,000 pages of text, 640 photos, or 175 MP3 music files)
• 2 GB (over 40,000 pages of text, 1200 photos, or 350 MP3 music files)
• 4 GB (over 80,000 pages of text, 2400 photos, or 750 MP3 music files)
• 8 GB (over 160,000 pages of text, 4800 photos, or 1500 MP3 music files)
• 16 GB (over 320,000 pages of text, 9600 photos, or 3000 MP3 music files)
• 32 GB (over 600,000 pages of text, 20,480 photos, or 7,680 MP3 music files)
• 64 GB (over 1.2 million pages of text, 40,960 photos, or 15,360 MP3 music files)
• 128 GB (over 2.4 million pages of text, 81,920 photos, or 30,720 MP3 music files)
• 256 GB (over 4.8 million pages of text, 163,000 photos, or 61,440 MP3 music files)
Can you make custom-shaped products?
Yes, we make custom and specialty shapes. Ask an Account Manager about custom-shaped and completely original products.
What is the turnaround time for custom-shaped products?
Production time varies by product and complexity of the shape. Talk to an Account Manager for further production details.


Do you need more information? We are here to help!