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Turn Up the Volume on Your Marketing with JBL!

Hit the right note for your brand by aligning with JBL's unbeatable sound quality! At Logotech, we turn JBL's cutting-edge audio products into mobile billboards for your brand. Imprint your logo, and let every beat broadcast your message.

About JBL

When you hear JBL, you think of high-quality, top-notch audio products. Founded in 1946, JBL has a long-standing reputation for engineering sound systems that deliver crystal-clear audio. From home theater systems to car audio and portable Bluetooth speakers, they've set the gold standard in the industry. Endorsed by musicians, athletes, and celebrities, JBL is the go-to brand for those looking for anything the best sound experience.

Types of JBL Promotional Products 

At Logotech, we offer an exciting array of customizable JBL products in bulk! In the custom Bluetooth speaker department, we offer everything from compact, travel-friendly options like the Go and Clip to room-filling audio giants like the Partybox and Boombox. Waterproof models are also available, perfect for poolside promotions or beachside branding. For a cinematic addition to your home setup, consider our JBL soundbars. These aren't just speakers; they're a statement!

We also carry an impressive range of JBL headphones and earbuds to suit any lifestyle or need. For gamers, the Quantum series offers top-notch sound, and the Tune series provides an exceptional listening experience for daily commuters. We even have specialized models like the Endurance for athletes and the Live for those who demand the best in noise-canceling technology.

Our wholesale JBL products come in various colors and can be customized with your brand's logo, message, or design, making them the perfect promotional tool.

Uses for Branded Products from JBL 

A custom-branded JBL speaker can be the life of the party—your next company party, that is! Imagine setting the mood with crystal-clear audio while your logo takes center stage. JBL products give you a presence even when you're not in the room, making them ideal for sponsored events, outdoor festivals, and even client meetings.

On the other hand, consider the daily utility of promotional JBL headphones. Perfect for gym-goers, commuters, and remote workers, they're a constant companion that keeps your brand in sight and mind. Use them as rewards in your customer loyalty program or as incentives for your employees' outstanding performance!

Benefits of Marketing with JBL Products 

When your brand pairs up with JBL, it's like hitting a marketing high note. Not only do you offer exceptional sound quality, but you're also amping up your brand's authenticity by aligning with a name that people already know and trust. It's a clear signal that your brand opts for quality over compromise. The best part? JBL's universal appeal reaches multiple demographics—from young music lovers to tech-savvy professionals. Your message isn't just amplified; it's validated by JBL's reputation. Let your brand share the stage with JBL, and watch as it soars to new heights in recognition and credibility.

Your brand deserves to be heard; amplify your message with custom JBL audio products! Create an account on our website and start your order today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do personalized JBL products cost?

A: Our branded JBL products start around $30/unit, up to more than $300/unit.

Q: How are logos printed on custom JBL products?

A: We use color printing to add logos to customized JBL products.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity for JBL products? 

A: Many of our JBL products can be ordered individually; minimum order quantities vary by product. Contact your account manager for more info.

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