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Protection Meets Personalization with OtterBox!

Get OtterBox products customized with your logo at Logotech! Here, durable protection meets your branding. OtterBox, known for tough phone cases, is now a canvas for your logo. OtterBox promotional products are a statement of strength, ready to bear your logo with pride.

About OtterBox 

OtterBox started with a simple idea—to create tough, waterproof cases. Today, they're famous for protective phone cases that can handle life's drops and bumps. But OtterBox isn't just about phone cases! They've grown to offer various products like coolers, dry boxes, and drinkware. Each OtterBox product is a blend of innovation and toughness, perfect for everyday adventures. Their commitment to quality makes them a trusted name in protection.

Types of OtterBox Products 

Logotech brings you a wide selection of OtterBox products in bulk, ready for your branding! We offer an extensive range of OtterBox's popular phone cases, compatible with various phone models. These cases, known for their robustness, come in different series like the Defender, Commuter, and Symmetry, each tailored to different levels of protection and style preferences.

Beyond phone cases, our OtterBox lineup includes practical dry boxes with mobile charging options, perfect for outdoor adventures. We also offer OtterBox coolers, lunch boxes, and OtterBox water bottles, tumblers, and travel mugs. Our OtterBox products are available in many styles and colors and ready to be customized with your company logo, making them powerful marketing tools!

Uses for Products from OtterBox

Branded OtterBox products provide a great opportunity to boost brand visibility. Imagine gifting a custom OtterBox phone case at a corporate event or tech conference. These products are ideal for creating a lasting impression. Promotional coolers and lunchboxes are excellent promotional items for outdoor events, aligning your brand with quality and resilience.

OtterBox drinkware personalized with your logo is perfect for corporate gifts, trade show giveaways, or office use, ensuring that your brand is part of everyday life. OtterBox products provide practical utility and reinforce your brand's commitment to quality and durability.

Benefits of Marketing with OtterBox Products 

Promoting your brand with OtterBox products offers distinct advantages. Associating your logo with OtterBox aligns your brand with strength and durability. Custom OtterBox products serve as a constant reminder of your brand's commitment to quality, enhancing brand perception and appeal. This strategic branding approach is particularly with tech-savvy and outdoor enthusiast audiences.

Get your brand noticed with wholesale OtterBox gear at Logotech. Let's make your brand part of everyday protection. Create an account and place your order today!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can I get OtterBox cases for the latest smartphone models?

A: Yes, we offer cases for many current smartphone models.

Q: How do I clean my OtterBox case?

A: OtterBox cases can generally be cleaned with mild soap and water, then air-dried or dried lightly with a paper towel.

Q: Does Logotech ship internationally?

A: We offer international shipping; click here for details.

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