Tervis Products with Customized Logos

Boost Your Brand Every Day with Tervis Drinkware!

Bring your brand to life with Tervis drinkware! Tervis is famous for durable, innovative cups and tumblers. With Logotech, you can add your logo to create a unique marketing tool! These items are more than drinkware; they show off your brand's focus on quality and caring for the planet. Choose Tervis at Logotech to let your brand join every sip and trip.

About Tervis 

Founded in 1946, Tervis has been a pioneer in producing high-quality insulated drinkware. Known for their double-walled tumblers, Tervis products are celebrated for keeping beverages at the perfect temperature for extended periods. The brand's commitment to sustainability is evident in their use of durable, reusable materials, reducing reliance on disposable drinkware. People love Tervis for their cool, handy, and earth-friendly drinkware.

Types of Tervis Products

Logotech offers a wide range of Tervis promotional products in bulk! We have classic Tervis plastic tumblers, which are strong and feature a special double-wall design. We also offer Tervis travel mugs in plastic and stainless steel. Tervis drinkware comes with many lid and opening options, including straws. These products are great for taking your drink with you without spills. We have a wide variety of styles and colors of custom Tervis drinkware, all of which can be printed with your custom logo or messaging. This way, your brand gets seen by lots of people.

Uses for Products from Tervis 

Personalized Tervis products from Logotech are versatile tools for brand promotion. They are perfect for corporate gifts, trade show giveaways, or as part of welcome kits for new employees. Imagine your logo on a custom Tervis tumbler or promotional travel mug used daily in offices, homes, or during commutes. These products offer repeated exposure for your brand, ensuring it stays top-of-mind.

Tervis drinkware also makes excellent merchandise for company events or as part of a sustainability campaign. By choosing reusable, insulated drinkware, your brand advocates for eco-friendly practices, aligning with the values of environmentally conscious consumers.

Benefits of Marketing with Tervis Products 

Marketing with Tervis products aligns your brand with quality, innovation, and eco-friendliness. Custom-branded Tervis drinkware boosts your brand's visibility and associates it with sustainable practices. This can enhance your brand's appeal, especially among environmentally conscious customers, and reinforce your commitment to quality and sustainability.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is Tervis drinkware safe to use? 

A: Yes, Tervis ensures the use of BPA-free materials in their drinkware.

Q: How are logos added to branded Tervis drinkware?

A: We can use many methods to add logos to these products, including embroidered inserts, screen printing, and color printing.

Q: Does Logotech offer samples?

A: We're happy to create digital or physical samples of your custom products.

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