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Get Ahead in the Marketing Game with Puma!

Give your brand a combination of style and athleticism with Puma promotional products! With Logotech, Puma's athletic wear gets a personal touch. These aren't just clothes and shoes; they're a way for your brand to shine! Imagine your logo on Puma gear, blending style with sporty flair.

About Puma

Puma started in 1948 and quickly became a big name in sports fashion, known for its quality apparel and shoes: athletes and fashion fans love Puma. With a legacy intertwined with major athletic events and celebrated athletes, Puma is established as a symbol of quality and style. The brand's journey from crafting football boots to becoming a global sportswear icon reflects its dedication to excellence. It's a brand people trust for quality and style.

Types of Puma Products 

Logotech offers a wide selection of Puma items in bulk! We have polo shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and hats for work or play. Puma apparel is high-quality and great for casual or professional outings. We also carry Puma golf shoes and duffel bags, drawstring bags, and backpacks. They're perfect for sports or travel.

Our Puma products can be personalized with your logo and are available in different styles and colors. You can pick what suits your brand best! They're great for giving your brand a trendy and sporty edge.

Uses for Products from Puma 

Customized Puma products from Logotech open many possibilities for brand promotion. Envision your logo on custom Puma apparel worn at corporate sports events, casual workdays, or team-building activities. These versatile pieces serve as attire and a mobile billboard for your brand, offering continuous exposure. Furthermore, Puma's golf shoes and bags, branded with your logo, make excellent high-end corporate gifts or prizes for company tournaments. They're practical, stylish, and a testament to your commitment to quality.

Benefits of Marketing with Branded Puma Products

Leveraging Puma products for your marketing initiatives aligns your brand with quality, resilience, and modern style. These products offer a practical yet fashionable medium to display your logo, ensuring your brand is seen in various dynamic environments. This kind of branding enhances visibility and fortifies customer relationships by aligning with a lifestyle that values fitness, fashion, and forward-thinking. Plus, Puma's products are very durable, giving your brand long-term visibility.

Make your brand stand out with wholesale Puma gear from Logotech! Let's put your logo on Puma's stylish stuff. Create an account and start your order today!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What sizes are available for promotional Puma polo shirts? 

A: We have polos from size XS up to 3XL.

Q: How much do branded Puma products cost? 

A: Our Puma products start around $10/unit, up to around $200/unit.

Q: How are logos added to custom Puma products?

A: We can use screen printing, embroidery, laser engraving, debossing, and more methods to add logos to these products.

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