Bic Products with Customized Logos

Light Up Your Marketing Game with Custom Bic Products!

Ignite your branding strategy with Bic promotional products from Logotech! Bic's everyday items, transformed with your unique design, become potent tools for visibility and engagement. From the flick of a lighter to the stroke of a pen, let Bic carry your message in a memorable way. Unleash the power of a brand known for reliability, personalized for your business!

About Bic

Bic, a household name since 1945, has been at the forefront of providing affordable, reliable, and essential everyday products. Renowned globally, Bic's journey began with the iconic Bic Cristal pen, a symbol of the brand's commitment to quality and simplicity. Over the years, Bic has expanded its portfolio to include a wide range of products, from the classic range of writing instruments to innovative lighters and shaving equipment. Bic is a testament to enduring design and functionality, with products integral to daily life. The brand's focus on sustainability, evident in its commitment to eco-friendly solutions and products, further enhances its appeal and reputation.

Types of Branded Bic Products 

At Logotech, we offer a vast selection of Bic products in bulk! We offer Bic lighters, including the full-color all-over wrap options and the specialized EZ Reach Bic lighters, ideal for ensuring your brand stands out in a crowd. These lighters are not just functional; they become a pocket-sized billboard for your brand.

In addition, we specialize in Bic's classic writing utensils. Our range includes an array of pens, from ballpoints to rollerballs, alongside practical mechanical pencils and whiteboard markers. Each writing instrument offers a different way to showcase your logo, catering to a broad audience and ensuring your brand is part of everyday stories. Available in various styles and colors, these Bic products can be customized to align seamlessly with your branding needs.

Uses for Branded Products from Bic 

Bic products open a world of marketing possibilities. Custom Bic lighters with your logo can be perfect giveaways at concerts, festivals, or outdoor events, providing a lasting reminder of your brand. They also serve as useful tools in hospitality settings, like restaurants and bars, keeping your brand in the hands of your customers. The universal appeal and functionality of Bic lighters make them a mobile advertisement for your brand.

Bic writing utensils bearing your company's logo are excellent for corporate events, trade shows, or as part of a welcome kit in offices and schools. These promotional pens and pencils become daily companions for writing tasks, ensuring your brand is noticed repeatedly. They are also ideal for educational programs or community events, offering a practical item that carries your brand's message far and wide.

Benefits of Marketing with Bic Products

Using branded Bic products for marketing aligns your brand with Bic's legacy of quality and reliability! These everyday items, customized with your logo, offer continuous brand exposure. They're not just functional; they're symbols of your brand that can resonate with a broad audience. The affordability and practicality of Bic products mean they are kept and used, extending the life of your marketing message. This makes them a cost-effective solution with a tangible impact, ensuring your brand remains a part of your audience's daily lives.

Boost your brand's presence with the everyday reliability of wholesale Bic products! From lighters to writing instruments, let these staple items spark conversations and write success stories for your brand. Create an account on our website and start your journey with custom Bic products!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there eco-friendly Bic products available?

A: We offer several of Bic's eco-friendly products, and we can help you select the best options for your needs.

Q: How are logos added to custom Bic products?

A: We can use several methods to customize Bic products, including screen printing, color printing, full-color wraps, and more methods.

Q: Does Logotech offer samples?

A: We're happy to produce digital or physical samples of your custom products.

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