Post-it Products with Customized Logos

Make Your Brand Stick with Post-it!

Introducing an innovative way to display your brand: with Post-it promotional products from Logotech! Everyone knows Post-it, the little notes that changed how we remember things. Now, they're ready to spread your brand's message in a fun, easy way.

About Post-it 

Post-it is a brand that turned a simple idea into an office staple. It began with 3M scientists', who accidentally invented a repositionable adhesive in the late 1960s. The first Post-it notes, then called 'Press 'n Peel' bookmarks, hit the market in the 1980s and became an instant hit. Known for their convenience and versatility, Post-it products have evolved from classic sticky notes to innovative organizational tools. Today, they're not just for notes; they help us organize and plan. People trust Post-it for quality and smart design.

Types of Promotional Post-it Products

At Logotech, we offer a range of Post-it products in bulk! Our selection includes the classic Post-it note packs, available from small 25-sheet pads to larger Post-it cubes with hundreds of sheets. The Post-it cubes are particularly eye-catching—they can be decorated with full-color images on the sides, turning a simple note cube into a vibrant display of your brand!

We also offer Post-it tape flags, perfect for marking pages or organizing documents. We even offer Post-it pens and highlighters equipped with built-in tape flag dispensers! These are great for meetings or studying. Our Post-it products come in lots of styles and colors. And, of course, we can add your logo to any of these items.

Uses for Products from Post-it 

Branded Post-it products from Logotech are ideal for many promotional and functional uses. Imagine your custom Post-it notes in offices, schools, and homes—a daily reminder of your brand's presence. They are perfect for corporate events, trade shows, or practical giveaways people will use and appreciate. Moreover, our Post-it pens and highlighters with tape flags are excellent tools for conferences, workshops, and educational settings. They provide a useful function and keep your brand in the hands of potential clients and customers, enhancing brand visibility with every use!

Benefits of Promotional Post-it Products 

Weaving Post-it products into your marketing strategy brings numerous advantages. These items are not only practical and widely used but also offer constant brand exposure! Customizing Post-its with your logo turns everyday items into subtle yet effective marketing tools. It's a way to ensure your brand sticks in people's minds, fostering recognition and recall.

Boost your brand fun and practically with wholesale Post-it products from Logotech! Let's make your logo a part of everyday life. Get in touch with us to start making your personalized Post-it products.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Are there eco-friendly options for Post-it products?

A: Yes, Post-it offers eco-friendly options made with recycled paper and environmentally conscious adhesives.

Q: How long will Post-it notes stay stuck?

A: The durability of a Post-it note depends on the surface it is posted on and the conditions it's subjected to. Generally, you can expect a sticky note to stay up anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Q: Does Logotech ship internationally? 

A: We offer international shipping. Click here for information.

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