Pelican Products with Customized Logos

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Durability Meets Brand Identity

Explore the tough world of Pelican promotional products with Logotech! Here, your brand gets a boost from Pelican's popular and durable gear. Pelican's cases, coolers, and more aren't just tough; they're a great way to show off your logo!

About Pelican

1976, Pelican began creating durable cases for the photography and scuba diving industries. Pelican's signature protector cases, recognized globally, set the standard for gear protection. It's a favorite brand for people who work in hard places, like the military or outdoors. Pelican's commitment to excellence is clear in their use of high-grade materials and careful design, ensuring that products can withstand the toughest conditions. From filmmakers to firefighters, Pelican has a reputation for safeguarding sensitive and valuable equipment in all environments.

Types of Pelican Products 

At Logotech, we offer a range of personalized Pelican products in bulk! Our selection includes the legendary Pelican Protector Cases, ranging from the compact 1050 Micro Case to the expansive 1615 Air Roller Case. These cases are engineered for ultimate protection, ensuring equipment stays secure in any condition.

Additionally, our lineup features Pelican coolers, available in sizes from 20 quarts to 70 quarts. We also offer Pelican duffel bags and Pelican drinkware, including tumblers and water bottles. Custom Pelican products come in many styles and can be printed with any logo or messaging!

Uses for Products from Pelican

Branded Pelican products are ideal branding tools for businesses that want to show resilience and reliability. Envision your logo on custom Pelican cases at industry conferences or promotional coolers during corporate retreats. These products are more than functional—they boost your brand visibility! Custom-branded Pelican drinkware and duffel bags are also excellent for corporate gifting, promotional events, or as high-quality merchandise. They offer a practical solution while consistently reminding users of your brand.

Benefits of Marketing with Pelican Products

Choosing Pelican products for your promotional needs aligns your brand with durability, reliability, and innovation. Custom-branded Pelican gear offers practical utility and a constant reminder of your brand's resilience and commitment to excellence. This association with a brand like Pelican enhances your brand's image, instilling a sense of reliability in your customers and partners.

Boost your brand with wholesale Pelican products from Logotech. These tough items will show off your logo in all kinds of places. Create an account and place your order today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are logos added to custom Pelican cases?

A: We can use screen printing, laser engraving, full-color vinyl printing, and more options.

Q: What colors are available for custom Pelican products? 

A: Pelican products are available in a range of colors, including black, blue, white, gray, red, green, yellow, brown, pink, and more.

Q: Does Logotech offer samples of branded Pelican products?

A: We can create digital or physical samples of your branded products.

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