Customizable Phone Cases.

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Get your marketing in touch with a case from Logotech. 

Mobile phones are everywhere these days, but they're not always as durable as we need them to be. The cell phone case market has risen to address this flaw and can double as an excellent way to promote your brand!

At Logotech, we have dozens of custom phone cases available in bulk and printed with the logo of your business or organization.

With around five billion mobile devices in use today, branded cell phone cases are a unique way to get your brand noticed. Our highly experienced account managers are just a call away to help you with every detail.

Custom phone cases, color printed or engraved. 

Logotech's custom promotional phone cases come in various styles and designs, with something for every type of promotion.

One design exploding in popularity is the mobile phone wallet. With the rise of credit cards, many people are abandoning their bulky traditional wallets for thinner options. The cell phone case wallet embodies this trend. Logotech has multiple variants of the phone wallet, which can be custom printed with your brand's logo.

Logotech also has waterproof phone pouches with a touchscreen window for businesses that like to embrace the outdoors. These custom cases are a great way to protect your phone and increase your brand visibility simultaneously.

When your branded cases are out in the world, hundreds of strangers will see your logo and messaging, which will undoubtedly raise brand recall.

Whether given to your employees as a corporate gift or prospective clients from your trade show booth, our customized cell phone cases are an excellent choice for your promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Why should I create a custom phone case?

A: Customized cell phone cases are an excellent way to expand your brand's visibility! The omnipresence of the cell phone and the need for phone cases make it a no-brainer; your logo should be on the back of the phones of as many employees, clients, and associates as possible!

Q: How do I customize my phone case?

Logotech's personalized phone cases are incredibly easy to customize! Our website lists all available options for colors and decoration methods. You can either request a virtual sample of your product or place your order; from there, one of our account managers will contact you to customize your case and work out every specification.

Q: Can Logotech color match? 

A: Logotech can match any color in the Pantone Matching System (PMS). Reach out to your account manager for more details about PMS colors.

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