Pantone Matching

What is Pantone® Color Matching

PMS color codes ensure consistency

The Pantone Color Matching system is a communications tool used in the printing industry. With your PMS color code, manufacturers in different locations have the recipe to create your color correctly, every time.

How does PMS work?

Pantone color swatches include upwards of 2,000 different shades for spot color printing. Knowing which code your graphic designers use -- like Blue Navy 281c vs. 282c -- ensures printers use the right color and have the formula to create it.

They do this by mixing a recipe of CMYK color -- Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black -- to get the identified color. When these inks are mixed at the right proportions, you get the right color and the right final product.

Why is it important to know your PMS color code?

Because computers use RGB -- red, green and blue -- to create pixels of color. Each screen is color calibrated differently. While the color might look close to the PMS color on a computer screen, no two monitors render the color in the same way. That can make determining a true color for printing difficult.

So if you tell the printer to use Blue Light, 300c, it does not matter if the color on your screen appears darker than what you need. It will be correct on your printed product because we know which light blue you asked for.

There are some things to keep in mind when color imprinting. If you print a blue logo on a yellow background, the color may appear a bit green. Depending on the background it is printed on, even PMS colors may look slightly different. That is largely an optical illusion due to how our eyes see color.

Also, high-contrast colors in your logo will allow them to show up on promotional products better than low contrast. For example a black background with a white logo will pop, but a black logo with a red imprint may be hard to see.

There are endless possibilities when using PMS color matching for promotional items. Many of our products can be manufactured to PMS specifications. So if your logo is, say, yellow on a purple background, your product can be purple with a yellow logo. All matching your PMS selection.

While not all products can be made to match your PMS colors, we have a wide range of colors available for many of them. Manufacturers update their color selections often to ensure they are using ones popular for consumers. So even if a perfect match is not available, many products will come very close to the color you want.

Your Account Manager will help determine if color matching is available for your product and help find your PMS color as well.

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Find the PMS color chart here.


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