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The promotional product world is a big place. When Logotech says we have 250,000 custom products to choose from, we are probably underestimating the count. That can be a little overwhelming when looking for branded items.

That is why we focus Logotech's blog on categories. We are here to give you inspiration to help determine what you need and a simple search to find it.

Want to know more about how to use custom promotional swag to help grow your business and build your reputation? We will share ideas and direction to help your business Get Noticed!

  1. Washing Machine USB Flash Drive

    Washing Machine USB Flash Drive

    Get your marketing plans sorted with custom promotional products.
  2. Female Basketball Player USB Flash Drive

    Female Basketball Player USB Flash Drive

    This USB people flash drive will score points for your marketing.
  3. Dingo USB Flash Drive

    Dingo USB Flash Drive

    Our custom shaped flash drives work for any tourism destination or animal shape.
  4. Yogurt Cup USB Flash Drive

    Yogurt Cup USB Flash Drive

    Your product's packaging can also inspire your new custom thumb drive.
  5. Killer Whale USB Flash Drive

    Killer Whale USB Flash Drive

    Or, call them Orca Whale USB Flash Drives, we don't mind. One client who requested our Killer Whale USB Drive has a deep connection to the...
  6. Dinosaur USB Flash Drive

    Dinosaur USB Flash Drive

    We will make your iconic dinosaurs into custom shaped promotional gifts. Did you know there is a dinosaur game you can play when you are...
  7. Mosquito USB Flash Drive

    Mosquito USB Flash Drive

    Do more than slap your logo on a flash drive to promote your business. Our client sort of loves
  8. Voting USB Flash Drive

    Voting USB Flash Drive

    Register your voters, impress your candidate with custom shaped thumb drives.  We have a candidate for your political campaign's...
  9. Vinyl Record USB Flash Drive

    Vinyl Record USB Flash Drive

    Nostalgia has made a vinyl comeback. What can a record label or musical act do with a Vinyl Record USB Flash Drive? They can get their...
  10. History of Promotional Products

    History of Promotional Products

    What Is the History of Promotional Products? Take a look around your home or office desk. How many products do you have that were a...