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The promotional product world is a big place. When Logotech says we have 250,000 custom products to choose from, we are probably underestimating the count. That can be a little overwhelming when looking for branded items.

That is why we focus Logotech's blog on categories. We are here to give you inspiration to help determine what you need and a simple search to find it.

Want to know more about how to use custom promotional swag to help grow your business and build your reputation? We will share ideas and direction to help your business Get Noticed!

  1. Logotech-4-Good July Recipient

    Logotech-4-Good July Recipient

    Drawn to Help encourages pediatric patients to draw, create and heal through art. Drawn to Help sends volunteers with art projects to...
  2. Music Staff USB Flash Drive

    Music Staff USB Flash Drive

    Hit a high note with custom shaped flash drives for musicians.
  3. Tire and Wheel USB Flash Drive

    Tire and Wheel USB Flash Drive

    Customized wheels need custom shaped flash drives.
  4. Coin Shaped USB Flash Drive

    Coin Shaped USB Flash Drive

    Present the two faces of your business or educational program. Want to show your business or program has two distinct sides to it? You...
  5. Spoon USB Flash Drive

    Spoon USB Flash Drive

    Spoon-feed customers information about your products.
  6. June Logotech-4-Good Recipient Announced

    June Logotech-4-Good Recipient Announced

    Support services can transform families who have experienced homelessness. Los Angeles has a crisis of families experiencing homelessness,...
  7. Construction Dump Truck USB Flash Drive

    Construction Dump Truck USB Flash Drive

    Load flash drives with data on your mining operations. A customized Construction Dump Truck USB Flash Drive can help your building...
  8. Piston USB Flash Drive

    Piston USB Flash Drive

    Custom shaped flash drive for high octane promotions.
  9. Speakers USB Flash Drive

    Speakers USB Flash Drive

    Blow away the competition with your own custom shaped flash drives.
  10. Logotech-4-Good May Recipient Announced

    Logotech-4-Good May Recipient Announced

    Promotional products are a first for the arts organization.