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  1. The Difference Between A Pickleball Ball and a Wiffle Ball

    The Difference Between A Pickleball Ball and a Wiffle Ball

    Are Pickleballs and Wiffle Balls the Same? Wiffle ball and pickleball are major backyard sports, each bringing its unique blend of fun,...
  2. March Logotech-4-Good Recipient

    March Logotech-4-Good Recipient

    Group gives families a safe location for custody exchanges, visitation Supporting Area Families Everyday (SAFE) was picked as the...
  3. February Logotech-4-Good Recipient

    February Logotech-4-Good Recipient

    When its rebranding began, some there suggested OneChild simply burn all of the old, branded swag.  They didn't do that, said...
  4. January Logotech-4-Good Recipient Announced

    January Logotech-4-Good Recipient Announced

    The Standing Rock Community Development Corporation is our January Logotech-4-Good recipient. The non-profit serves the Standing...
  5. December Logotech-4-Good Recipient Announced

    December Logotech-4-Good Recipient Announced

    Kline Veterans Fund in Las Vegas steps in when veterans and their families are at risk of losing their housing or utilities. Logotech
  6. Logotech-4-Good November Announcement

    Logotech-4-Good November Announcement

    ChicagoCAC Provides Support for Sexually Abused Children Emma Andelson, development coordinator at the Chicago Children's Advocacy...
  7. Logotech-4-Good October Announcement

    Logotech-4-Good October Announcement

    Crime and intelligence analysts from around California and its Central Valley meet later this month. They will go home with more...
  8. September Logotech-4-Good Recipients Announced

    September Logotech-4-Good Recipients Announced

    In October, Registered Nurse Stephanie Krall along with other RNs and Neonatal Nurse Practitioners will take their first trip overseas as...
  9. Logotech-4-Good August Announcement

    Logotech-4-Good August Announcement

    Group combating human trafficking awarded August L4G mini-grant Cynthia Aulds was just arriving at the Texas/Mexico border when she got...
  10. Logotech-4-Good July Announcement

    Logotech-4-Good July Announcement

    SR3 Sealife Response, Rehab and Research was selected as the July Logotech-4-Good recipient. A small nonprofit in Washington state, SR3...