Logotech-4-Good June Announcement

Logotech-4-Good June Announcement

Logotech-4-Good recipient educates on American wars and battlefields

Logotech has selected the American Battlefield Trust as its June Logotech-4-Good recipient. Their requested product USB flash drives will go to teachers. They will then take the curriculum home to students.

Tourists visit the battlegrounds some also part of national and state parks in huge numbers each summer. During the school year, teachers bring classes to the battlefields. That helps students connect firsthand with history, said Brigid Leavy, grant writer for the organization. She wrote the Logotech grant request as well.

The Trust recently began to update its Civil War curriculum to meet history standards in school districts across the United States. They are also developing new curricula for the Revolutionary War and War of 1812.

"Coupled with these battlefield experiences, the Trust provides teachers - free of charge - with curriculum that encourages inquiry based learning and enables students to become practitioners of history, not just observers," Leavy said.

Logotech is happy to help with this program. Schools and curriculum developers have always come to us for USB drives to help increase learning opportunities.

Visits create real connections

Visiting battlefields and not just reading about battles does help students connect with history, Leavy said. "Visiting battlefields is a meaningful experience ... they make a connection with the land."

The Trust also works to restore battlefields and many have been planted with native species, great for pollinators, Leavy said.

They are also working to preserve these battlefields from future development, including housing and commercial structures. People can walk, bike, and learn about history at the battlefield parks now — a legacy they hope to preserve. Educating younger generations about those battles is a part of that.

"The Trust seeks to inform the public about the vital role Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Civil War battlefields played in determining the course of our nation's history. Our more than 200 partners at the federal, state, and local levels are essential in furthering our ability to implement preservation and educational plans.

"Over the last 30 years, we have preserved more than 50,000-acres of battlefield land across the country, created and/or expanded more than 50 local, state, and national parks, and worked with more than 2,000 teachers to educate the nation's children on the importance of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Civil War to American history and to modern life," she wrote.

If your nonprofit, school or education related organization would like to be considered, or if you would like to nominate an organization, please visit Logotech-4-Good.