Customizable Outdoor, Travel, and Leisure Gear

Promotional Outdoor, Travel & Leisure Gear Personalized by Logotech.

No matter the season and no matter the view, we have the custom Outdoor, Travel and Leisure giveaways to help you Get Noticed around the world!

Where can your brand and marketing go with travel and leisure giveaways?

Custom outdoors and travel gear is a favorite of customers. Nothing says "we value you" more than gifts to help them enjoy their off-work and leisure time. Wherever they go or whatever the activity, your brand and logo will be seen.

Travel can be frustrating and stressful whether for business or pleasure. Logotech's branded travel accessories -- like outlet adapters, e-accessory carry cases and universal charging cables -- can help make their trips a little smoother. 

Outdoor also means different things to different people. It might mean a small apartment deck or a full backyard. For families that might be a park or a forest preserve. Whether your clients are hikers, boaters or campers, there are custom goods with your logo they will love for their utility and convenience.

Umbrellas are a favorite for outdoor-themed swag. Of U.S. consumers, 45% say they have a promotional umbrella. It is one of those things you forget you need until you do, and consumers will remember your brand for keeping them dry on rainy days.

Custom blankets are a great giveaway for beach vacations or anyone who enjoys outdoor festivals and concerts. Promotional beach blankets make a great cover up for fall football games and winter sports, too. Put your logo on display year round. 

Our BBQ and picnic gear are perfect for campers, RVs and for home grilling, too. We have more than just spatulas! Imprint your logo on a mosquito repellent lantern, charcoal chimney, or picnic backpack! Your customers will love and use this gear wherever they go.

Contact Logotech today to get your logo out and into the world!

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