Promotional Beach, Golf and Cooling Towels.

Custom towels designed with your logo are billboards for your marketing.

Personalized towels have one of the biggest returns on investment (ROI) in the promotional marketing arena. That makes them the perfect custom item for your plans.

Why are they such a great value? Because according to one of the biggest makers, end users keep promotional towels for 10 to 20 years. You will get years of advertising impressions from these simple products.

Any industry can use them in their promotions. They are a huge hit for travel and tourism destinations, airlines and car rental services, the food and beverage industry, healthcare and education.

Personalized beach towels are perfect for hotels, resorts and beach clubs. If your customers are all about sand and water, they will want a souvenir of their stay. With sublimation printing options, their custom towel can be a photograph of your pool or beach.

Schools, universities and sports teams are fans of customized spirit towels. From home run hankies to touchdown towels, imprint these fun cloths with your team mascot or season's theme. Hand them out at the door to excite fans and cheer the team on to a win.

Custom cooling towels really do work to help people cool off, particularly in humid conditions. They are a favorite of golfers and festival attendees. Wet the cloth with cool water, wring it out, then place it around the neck. As the water evaporates, they help cool down the wearer. These are also great favors for destination weddings in tropical locations.

Ready to spread out your promotional campaign with branded towels? Send over your logo. Our professional design team will get you a free digital sample in no time.

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