Promotional Health, Wellness and PPE Gear

Promotional Health, Wellness and PPE Gear for Home, or Workplace.

Health and Wellness products, including Personal Protective Equipment, is a new category for Logotech.

We decided to offer it, and highlight it on our website, to ensure our clients could have a PPE provider they know and trust during the COVID-19 outbreak and into the future. Offices and workplaces all over, including our current customers, found a need for personal protective equipment like hand sanitizer, face masks and infrared thermometers. Our purpose in offering PPE is to give our customers easy access to these vital products.

We are working with FDA approved factories and well-known, respected wholesalers to ensure the product we have is high quality. We are glad to help keep our customers and the country safer with these products. Logotech will continue to add products as they become available to help our clients get through these tough times. 

Logotech will continue providing the best health and wellness products for our customers after COVID-19, too. If you encourage better health for your employees and customers, Logotech has the products you want.

Why are health and wellness promo gifts the right prescription for your promotion plans?

Because for every $1 invested in a corporate wellness program, companies may see a $6 return on investment. That is largely due to reduced medical costs and a drop in missed work days, according to an often-cited Harvard University study.

That means there is a place for health and wellness products in every office, workplace, and public building. By encouraging good health and preventive practices, you make for healthier workplaces and fewer work days lost to illness. Promotional products can help do that!

Give employees promotional products branded with the company logo to help stay healthy. Package together custom labeled hand sanitizer, facial tissue, antibacterial wipes, and cough drops to help reduce the spread of illness.

Health and wellness kits like these are also perfect giveaways for community events. Public health departments, hospitals and doctors offices love these simple giveaways, imprinted with their logo and in a reusable bag. Lip balm, sunblock, bug spray and bandages are a great addition for outdoor event swag bags, too.

Contact your account manager today to discover more about the health and PPE gear Logotech can provide. In the meantime, keep healthy and stay safe.

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