Logotech-4-Good November Announcement

Logotech-4-Good November Announcement

ChicagoCAC Provides Support for Sexually Abused Children

Emma Andelson, development coordinator at the Chicago Children's Advocacy Center, was looking for donor gifts when she found the Logotech-4-Good program last winter and applied.

The organization that provides support children who have been sexually abused didn't win back in February 2019. But, their application stayed in the pool. The organization was picked by Logotech employees as our November recipient.

The $500 in branded products can be anything we can source to help the organization further its mission.

The Chicago Children's Advocacy Center was founded in 2001, and is the city's only nonprofit that coordinates all aspects of helping children heal from sexual abuse.

Law enforcement, social service partners

"In our building, we partner with law enforcement professionals, family advocates, medical experts and mental health service providers to help bring hope and healing to our children and families. Though we provide the forensic interviews, family assistance and therapy ourselves, partnering with other providers is crucial to maintaining a high level of service, consistency is what we provide. It helps us protect more and more children each year," Andelson wrote in her application.

Last February, they were looking for products as part of a sign-up bonus for a sustained giving drive. The group is now choosing between more donor gifts or swag for the team to help share its mission with the larger community.

The ChicagoCAC is mostly funded through public and private grants. Individual donors are important to ensure they can train mandated reporters and ensure children and their families receive needed support and therapy, Andelson said.

"Through our work, we hope to help show the public that child sexual abuse does not impact only one community, but can happen anywhere, with anyone. Through our public educational training, our therapy and mental health services, investigative process, and family advocacy, we hope to increase the number of children and families served every year, and we hope to eliminate the need for a wait list," she said.

Go to Logotech-4-Good to read more about the program, apply, and learn about our past recipients.