How to Spot Fake KN95 Masks

How to Spot Fake KN95 Masks

Shortly after the FDA cleared some KN95 manufacturers to provide masks to the U.S. many of those companies suddenly had new websites. At least it appeared so.

In a matter of days after the list was posted online, new sites popped up. These sellers are using URL names nearly identical to those in the FDA-approved list. These businesses are spoofing -- creating similar websites with similar names -- legitimate KN95 makers in an attempt to cash in on the COVID-19 epidemic.

These unscrupulous manufacturers are selling masks. There is no way to determine if the mask they are selling are any good or block anything, or if they will clear customs in either China or the U.S. These fake masks may never make it to buyers.

It's very hard for people without connections to the PPE industry to determine which is the real, approved manufacturer of KN95 masks.

We have done the work for you. Since the coronavirus epidemic began spreading here, Logotech has been sourcing from China and using American suppliers to source masks and other PPE

What to look for

There is some good news. China is taking the manufacture and sale of fake KN95 face masks very seriously. Customs officials in China are working to prevent the export of fake face masks for public sale. (Google offers an English translation of the linked document).

What to look for in non-medical KN95 masks, according to Chinese regulators?

  • A designation on the package which clearly states: "This is a non-medical device" and "Not for medical use" or similar.

  • It should not have an FDA logo imprinted on the mask. It is illegal to put the FDA logo on either the mask itself or its packaging.

  • CE (the European Union standard) and KN95 can be printed on the mask, as long as the corresponding technical standard is non-medical; CE is: EN149-2001 + A1: 2009. KN95 non-medical technical standards are: GB2626-2006

  • The product certificate must include: product name, model specifications, batch number, production date, warranty date, technical standard, material and production manufacturer. Other information must be complete.

  • The packaging must be retail packaging, not simple bulk packaging. Either a standard color bag or a standard carton marked for retail sale. 

There is an unintended consequence of how seriously Chinese officials are taking fake masks. Because customs officials check exports, it is taking longer for real products to leave the country, too. We are working hard to get real, KN95 masks here and to our customers.

We have included the list of FDA-approved KN95 makers below to help you with your search. Alternatively, contact Logotech today and we can help you get them into your store or business soon.