February Logotech-4-Good Recipient

February Logotech-4-Good Recipient

When its rebranding began, some there suggested OneChild simply burn all of the old, branded swag. 

They didn't do that, said Kristin Kubitschek, vice president of brand and communications.

To help reintroduce their work to an international audience, however, OneChild will receive $500 for promotional products with its new logo and messaging. The 60-year-old organization was named our February Logotech-4-Good recipient. 

Formerly One Child Matters, the organization is a "global nonprofit that provides more than 36,000 children with medical & psychological care, nutrition, education, and mentoring," according to its application. 

The rebranding transition has included promotional items that blended the previous brand with introducing the new, "I'm for OneChild because One Child Matters," Kubitschek said.

The Logotech donation means more funds can go to helping children and families, she added. "It helps us save donor dollars that would otherwise go towards helping children in extreme poverty."

It also can give staff working in those countries tools they can use.

Often, there are not many choices available for technology like power banks at stores in those countries, she said. Neither can the families they work with afford luxuries like power banks, Kubitschek said.

That said, even when small, portable and branded items are distributed, it does spread the message to a larger community. It is also a cost some non-profits overlook during the rebranding effort.

"This gift will help us promote our new brand here in the U.S. and in more than 14 countries where our global community of Child Champions serve children in poverty," Kubitschek said.

"OneChild is extremely grateful for Logotech-4-Good and their commitment to helping nonprofits with big goals and lean budgets," Kubitschek said.

For more information on OneChild, go to https://onechild.org

For more information about the program or to apply, go to Logotech-4-Good.


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