Do I Need Hand Sanitizer?

Do I Need Hand Sanitizer?

Did your office see numerous sick days this flu season? Then one thing is certain. You need hand sanitizer.

Washing your hands is the BEST way to ensure you are not picking up or passing on viruses and bacteria. You have been told to wash your hands since preschool. It is ingrained into you to wash your hands several times a day, right? Right?!

Let's be real here. You have already touched several common surfaces today. So did a whole lot of other people who are not as careful about washing their hands. You did not go straight to your office bathroom or kitchenette and wash your hands after, did you?

No, you did not.

One study, back in 2012 and reported during a nasty flu outbreak, found people touched common surfaces 3.3 times per hour. The same study noted people also touch their faces 3.6 times an hour. Transferring whatever bacteria or viruses they may have picked up to their mucus membranes.

So unless you are running to the kitchen or bathroom 3.3 times an hour to wash your hands, you NEED hand sanitizer. So does every one of your employees, your customers, and your family.

All offices need to take steps to keep their employees and clients healthy. Contact your account manager today and ask for bulk hand sanitizer pricing. We will help you stay on the road to better health.