January Logotech-4-Good Recipient Announced

January Logotech-4-Good Recipient Announced

The Standing Rock Community Development Corporation is our January Logotech-4-Good recipient.

The non-profit serves the Standing Rock Sioux Nation and the 8,612 people who live there. The reservation straddles the North Dakota/South Dakota lines and covers 3,500 square miles.

They will receive $500 in promotional products, branded with their logo and messaging, from the program.

The Corporation "looks to build a sustainable future that will empower Indigenous Peoples to create change consistent with Lakȟóta and Dakȟóta values," according to its grant application.

Helping the community

Tribal members created the group in 2016. It came on the heels of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests there, said Jordan Davis, community development initiative director. "Our leaders came together and brainstormed for ways to help. We discovered that creating a non-profit is a lot easier to get things done," for the reservation and tribe members, Davis said.

"We are trying to create opportunities for our community members that were not here," before the protests, he said. "This will help us get our name out so we can collaborate with other organizations."

Promotional products "helps get our name out there, help people become interested and get to know more about us," Davis said.

The group's second-annual Summit, set for May 2020, will offer gift bags to attendees with Logotech products included.

"This event creates networking space between upcoming businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations. With these gift bags we hope to get our corporations name out further than just our community," Davis said.

For more on the Standing Rock Community Development Corporation, go to standingrockcdc.org.

For more information on the Logotech program and to apply, go to Logotech-4-Good.