PopSockets Now Offer Wireless Charger

PopSockets Now Offer Wireless Charger

The PopPower Home wireless charger popped up at CES 2020.

This charger solves a problem for traditional PopSocket users. You can reliably and wirelessly charge your PopSocket-poppin' mobile device. Without having to remove it for every charge.

Those sneaky engineers at PopSocket. They are determined to make me join their legion of fans.

I will admit my first reaction to the phone grips all the kids were using wasn't stellar. I hastily categorized them with the short-lived fidget spinners.

Boy was I wrong. So wrong, in fact that, PopSocket made a successful fidget spinner — the Backspin PopSocket. Years after the spinner craze had subsided. I played with that thing for hours after it showed up in the office.

Then came the PopWallet+. Easily detachable from the back of my phone, it holds my driver's license and two cards.

I'm one of those uncased-phone rebels. I like the feel of a phone without a case. But the PopSocket+ doesn't add too much thickness to my soon-to-be outdated S8 Active.

A month after the PopWallet+, I was forced to eat crow yet again. My coworker threw a PopThirst Koozie at me. My honest first reaction? Why hasn't anyone done this yet!?

These Koozies are perfect at tailgates, BBQs, and family functions of all shapes and sizes. Speaking of shapes and sizes the PopThirst Can Holder lets you get a grip on a can. The PopThirst Cup Sleeve holds your favorite Starbucks coffeehouse beverage.

Pop-hits keep coming

PopSockets keep evolving. From the traditional Popsocket, to the PopWallet+, to the ingenious PopThirst line, and now the PopPower Home. They proved that they are no one-hit-wonder. That PopSockets doesn't belong in the same conversation as silly bands, the shake weight, and Tebowing.

I think it's safe to say PopSockets and their ingenious solutions to problems that no one knew were problems are here to stay. I can't wait to see what problem they solve next.

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