December Logotech-4-Good Recipient Announced

December Logotech-4-Good Recipient Announced

Kline Veterans Fund in Las Vegas steps in when veterans and their families are at risk of losing their housing or utilities.

Logotech has picked the non-profit as its December Logotech-4-Good recipient. The branded promotional products will help the Kline Veterans Fund attract donors for its fundraising events.

Stephanie Helms, executive director, said the Kline Veterans Fund steps in to cover the expenses other programs cannot.

"If a low income, disabled or veteran on Social Security can move into an apartment with a voucher from the Veterans Administration, they might need help with a security deposit," she said.

That is when the organization steps up "so they can get in permanent housing," Helms said.

In the summer months, electric utility bills in Las Vegas can run into the hundreds. They will help pay that bill to keep families in place.

"You know (the bill) is going to happen, but your disability check won't be any more than it is. Or, they are on oxygen, or are a family with young kids ... we see a lot of requests for utility help," she said.

In another case, one of their veterans got a good job nearby. The veteran, however, had no transportation to get there. They were able to help secure reliable transportation for the veteran.

Even getting a job can be expensive. In Las Vegas, employees often need to pay for their own background checks, work uniforms or even a good pair of work boots to take a job. "We can help them, usually within 24 hours of the request," Helm said.

Kline Veterans Fund also does all of their work without any government funding. They rely heavily on grants and direct donations.

To apply for the program and learn about our past recipients, go to our Logotech-4-Good page.