California Innovations Products with Customized Logos

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Get Your Brand Noticed with California Innovations!

Step into a world where innovation meets everyday practicality with Logotech's custom-logo California Innovations products. Known for their coolers and lunch packs, our California Innovations promotional products offer the perfect blend of style, functionality, and branding. Make a statement with every picnic, office lunch, or outdoor event—your brand will be carried far and wide with California Innovations!

About California Innovations 

California Innovations began its journey in Toronto in 1986 with an automotive sun shield, but their Original Collapsible Cooler truly marked the company's start. Since acquiring Arctic Zone in 2005, the company has consistently led the market in soft-sided coolers and lunch packs. Known for a series of "firsts" in the industry, such as the Zipperless Cooler with Hard Liner and Ice Wall Lunch Packs, California Innovations has a rich history of blending quality, innovation, and functionality. Their commitment to bringing new, consumer-informed ideas to the marketplace has established them as a trusted name in portable food and beverage storage solutions.

Types of California Innovations Products 

Logotech offers an impressive selection of California Innovations products in bulk, perfect for a variety of needs and styles. Our range includes innovative collapsible coolers known for their space-saving design and durability. These coolers come in various sizes and styles, ideal for everything from family lunches to large outdoor events. Additionally, we provide a variety of lunch boxes and bags, each featuring California Innovations' signature insulation technology to keep food fresh and drinks cold.

With a spectrum of colors and styles, these products can be customized with your brand's logo or messaging, turning them into unique and functional promotional items.

Uses for Products from California Innovations 

California Innovations products from Logotech offer versatile branding opportunities. Imagine your logo on a promotional cooler at a beach party or a custom lunch bag in an office setting—these products get your brand noticed in everyday scenarios. They are perfect for corporate giveaways, outdoor events, and practical gifts to clients and employees, ensuring your brand is part of memorable moments.

Moreover, these products are ideal for promotional use at trade shows, company picnics, and outdoor promotions. A branded California Innovations cooler becomes a portable billboard for your brand, garnering attention wherever it goes. These items' widespread use means your brand gets repeated exposure, reinforcing your message with each use.

Benefits of Marketing with California Innovations

Promoting your brand with branded California Innovations products means aligning with innovation, quality, and practicality. These items are not just promotional tools but everyday essentials that offer repeated brand visibility. Customizing these products with your logo ensures that your brand is associated with quality and thoughtful design, enhancing your reputation in the eyes of your target audience. Additionally, these products' longevity and frequent use provide a long-term advertising solution, offering excellent value for your investment.

Promote your brand with the innovation of wholesale California Innovations products! Let your logo travel on coolers and lunch packs, making impressions at every lunch break and outdoor adventure. Create an account and get your brand noticed today!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How are logos added to custom California Innovations Products?

A: We can use digital printing to add your logo or design to California Innovations products.

Q: Can I customize these products for specific events or themes?

A: Definitely! These products can be customized for any event or theme.

Q: Does Logotech offer samples? 

A: We can provide digital or physical samples of your personalized products.

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