Wind Turbine USB Flash Drive

Wind Turbine USB Flash Drive

Generate new leads with this custom shaped thumb drive.

Want to power up your marketing plans? How about using a Wind Turbine USB Flash Drive to showcase your company's cutting-edge, earth-friendly technology?

Wind power has been around for centuries. Windmills have powered human machines since at least 600 AD, but the concept is even older. The mathematician Hero of Alexandria designed a windwheel in the First Century A.D.

In the Middle Ages, windmills milled grain or drew water from wells. Then, an engineer installed the first electricity-generating wind turbine in 1887 for his Scottish vacation home.

Through the 20th Century, rural areas installed wind turbines to power homes and farming facilities.

Since the 1970s energy crisis, more states and countries have added wind turbines to their energy-production mix. The technology continues to improve. Industry experts say modern wind turbines create 50 percent more power now than even 20 years ago.

Our customer requested this design to showcase its expertise in wind power construction. This custom, 3D flash drive is also an excellent idea for power companies bringing turbines online, colleges and universities promoting STEAM programs, and the inventors developing the newest technology for wind farms.

Wind-generated power companies go through drafts and design updates for the best final product. Logotech also designs custom shaped flash drives with you to perfect your marketing strategy, creating what you need.

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