Cement Truck USB Flash Drive

Cement Truck USB Flash Drive

Ready to mix up your promotions with a custom shaped thumb drive?

Whether you pour foundations for homes or build interstate highways, our Cement Truck USB Flash Drive can be the cure for your promotional giveaway need.

One of our clients requested this 3D concrete mixer thumb drive for an upcoming industry conference. Instead of weighing down their members with paper, they planned to load up the flash drives with all the information needed for a successful event.

This customized jump drive will pave the road to new clients for construction companies, ready-mix makers, or cement factories.

Load your transit mixer flash drive with photos of your past projects, information on your services, complete bid specs for the infrastructure bill contract you are going after, and all of your sales department contact information. Customers will love this design. It will sit on their desk as a conversation starter and keep your details in front of them.

Much like concrete, it will solidify your working relationships for years to come.

Would you like to see how your concrete company's logo looks on a custom shaped flash drive? Check out all of our 100 Percent Custom products, then request a quote to get started.

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