Lawn Mower USB Flash Drive

Lawn Mower USB Flash Drive

Edge out the competition with custom shaped flash drives.

Lawn services should consider our Lawn Mower USB Flash Drive for their business promotion. This custom 2D flash drive will blow your competition away.

Do you ever wonder how mowing and lawns became a thing for suburban homeowners?

An inventor introduced the first mechanical lawnmower in 1830. He marketed these heavy, wrought iron machines to sports clubs who needed manicured lawns -- think football (soccer) pitches and golf clubs.

Before then, lawns were even more labor-intensive. Servants cut grass with a scythe by hand. Only the wealthy could afford a yard as we see them today.

As lawn mowers improved and the suburbs expanded, anyone could have a lawn. It was a status symbol -- you could afford a home with property and had the time to do maintenance. A yard was where your children could play, where you could plant a garden, and provided a haven to relax outdoors.

Today, busy families often outsource that lawn maintenance. How can you use a custom thumb drive to rake in new customers? Give them out at home shows loaded with your rate and contact information, photos of customers, and video testimonials.

Do you have a whole YouTube channel discussing lawn care and gardening tips? Load your custom shaped jump drives with those videos. Give them to your new clients as part of their service introduction package. Encourage customers to share your information with friends for their first consultation.

Are you ready to mow over the competition for lawn care in your area? Check out our complete gallery of 100 percent custom products for fresh-cut ideas. Then, contact your Logotech Account Manager to bag a custom flash drive of your own.


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