Bobtail Truck USB Flash Drive

Bobtail Truck USB Flash Drive

Deliver promotional marketing with custom designs.

This customer asked Logotech to fulfill a promotional product wish: make their Bobtail Truck USB Flash Drive a reality.

What is a bobtail truck? Why did our client want one for his new promotional product?

In the fuel delivery business, a bobtail is a small truck with a tank on the vehicle bed. The head buyer/IT director here says they are the "GM or Ford" of bobtail trucks for the propane and fuel distribution industry. The company personalizes each vehicle to the buyer's needs.

Personalization is also what we do at Logotech. Look at our gallery of 100 percent custom products designed for clients. Our custom shaped flash drives are modeled to each use, and no two designs are ever the same.

That is precisely why the client asked for a shaped thumb drive. He has used Logotech promotional jump drives for years. Each unit is loaded with material handling guides, driver user manuals, and parts lists for different components. They include a flash drive in the documentation package upon final delivery.

Other people in the company take his flash drives, giving them to customers or using them for their work documents. "Twice a week a thumb drive is stolen from me," the IT director joked.

A flash drive made into one of their trucks can be attached to the vehicle keys, sit on client desks, and be given out at industry events. And yes -- taken by the sales staff to give to customers.

Do you want to see your products and machinery made into a custom shaped USB drive? Contact Logotech today and get started. We can design your company's truck as a custom promotional gift.


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