What is National Memo Day?

What is National Memo Day?

Take note of how to use memos.

A Denver station, KMJI Majic Radio, celebrated the first National Memo Day on May 21, 1989.

There is no information on why the station or its DJs wanted a national day for memos. Were the on-air personalities tired of endless memorandums from management? Perhaps they were fed up with meetings that should have been a memo?

If anyone took notes on that discussion, they did not share it on the internet. Their reasons are lost to history and might be forgotten.

Memos have their place in business. They inform staff of policy changes, upcoming deadlines, and changes in human resources.

How they are sent out has changed since email became a thing. In 1989, no one had hit Reply All with "per my last email" included in the text yet.

Instead, Memos circulated in offices with specific writing and formatting standards. Rules of etiquette still apply to writing emails for business, and they still stick to those old written rules, too.

That etiquette includes reading them, Bob.


Memos are not just for business communication.

Memos we write to ourselves can remind and motivate us. Those reminders might be to finish a project or wish someone a happy birthday or anniversary.

A well-placed memo to yourself on a sticky note can keep you organized. Think of a great idea? Write it on a sticky note or in a journal.

Want to share that idea or date with everyone in the office? Yes, you can send an email. But maybe a cinema box adds some humor and attention an email just cannot generate.

During the covid-19 lockdowns, it was easy to lose track of what day it was. Now that life is getting closer to normal use memos or memo devices to remind family members and coworkers of upcoming dates and important information.

It's also a great idea to keep a journal around for writing your ideas down right away. A bedside journal can record what you remember from dreams or that great idea you had in the middle of the night.

Use a work journal in a similar way. Yes, your computer or phone probably has a note or reminder app. But when you write out ideas and information with a pen and paper, you connect to it more fully. It can help you develop that idea into the next steps for success.


Memo Day Promotional Ideas.

Take a look at our suggestions for Memo Day promotional products to stay on task and organized.


Customized Post-It and Sticky Notes

Customized Post-It and Sticky Notes

Whether you call them Sticky Notes or are a Post-It kind of person, these small pieces of paper can significantly impact organizing your daily life.

Do you need to remember to make a dentist appointment, call your child's school, or take out the trash? Write yourself a memo and put it where you will see it. On your bathroom mirror, computer monitor, or refrigerator to remind you of what needs doing today.

Post-It notes come in many sizes for different uses. The flag style Sticky Notes work well for marking pages in the cookbooks for the recipe you use most. The small oblong ones make a quick and easy-to-remove webcam cover.

Offices all over use Sticky Notes to keep track of what projects people are working on, when it is due, and write each other inspirational notes.

Give Sticky Note books as your expo booth promotional product. These handy books will stay next to computers and on desks.


Personalized Journals

Personalized Journals

Journals are a popular corporate gift, both for staff and at expo booths. Why do people love journals?

In our digital era, it's easy to make a voice memo or keyboard a note in our phone apps. But pen and paper -- and taking the time and effort to write out ideas -- means that thought means something. That your thoughts deserve more than digital service, but to be recorded.

Writing with pen (or pencil) on paper is a more visceral experience that can help spark new ideas in the future.


Promotional Magnet Memo Clips

Promotional Magnet Memo Clips

For some families, the refrigerator is the center of family communication.

Magnetic memo clips can help busy families keep track of activities, appointments, receipts and coupons.

What do you save on your refrigerator door? Memo clips can hold the pizza place reward coupons, a book of Forever Stamps, or tickets for the game next week.

These are popular giveaways for trade shows because families use them. Even with the magnet, they also work as chip clips in emergency snacking situations!


Branded Letter Openers

Branded Letter Openers

Is a mailed bill a memo? Do you still get invoices and other important communication through the postal service?

Letter openers are a low-cost promotional product many businesses appreciate. A magnetic letter opener stuck on the fridge also opens difficult boxes and chip bags. Keep one near the recycling bin to break down cardboard boxes.

Give one to your customers with your name, email and phone numbers.


Personalized Cinema Light Up Boxes

Personalized Cinema Light Up Boxes

How do you recognize office birthdays, remind staff of the office lunch, or celebrate work anniversaries?

A cinema light-up box is a billboard for offices and homes. You can change the lettering for special events or say "Hello!" every morning. Set it near the office front door, the water cooler or the coffee machine.

You can also change the letters to let everyone know which "National Day of" is happening today!


Custom Pens and Promotional Pencils

Custom Pens and Promotional Pencils

Educators say you remember information better when you are writing it by hand. Studies show students who took notes by hand retain information better than those who typed their notes.

Writing yourself a note and sticking it on your computer screen, next to your office phone, or on the bathroom mirror is a way to keep yourself on track.

From our cell phone assistant to our home's smart speakers, electronic devices remind us throughout the day. But notes are personal and often a better reminder than a chime, notably if you forgot what the reminder was for.


Promotional Coffee Mugs

Promotional Coffee Mug

What do coffee mugs have to do with memos? Because in the morning, many people read and respond to emails while enjoying their coffee. Bask in the information shared in an email and not a meeting.

The caffeine jolt from coffee or tea can also help keep your brain on task to remember events.


Would you like to see your business logo on a Memo Day themed promotional product? Contact your Logotech Account Manager or create an account with us now. You won't need a memo to find the best products.


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