Diving Helmet USB Flash Drive

Diving Helmet USB Flash Drive

Dive deep into marketing with custom products.

Commercial diving is a highly specialized field. Show customers your specialties with a Diving Helmet USB Flash Drive customized with your logo.

Diving is dangerous. Not only do these experts need to stay aware of their air supply and surroundings, they often weld underwater. These risky conditions mean training divers for anything that might occur.

Commercial divers are also doing marine salvage, civil engineering, diving for pearls, and other naval diving. The equipment and diving dress they use have improved over the years. Divers want and need equipment in which they feel safe and comfortable.

Does your company manufacture diving equipment, or does your expert team weld underwater construction projects? Then a custom shaped flash drive is an innovative way to share your story with customers. Load flash drives with photos or videos of your welders at work. Share your story with potential clients to show which firm offers the best results. Training videos help keep everyone safe on the job.

Would you like to see your specialized diving equipment recreated as a 100 Percent Custom Product? Contact your Logotech Account Manager or create an account with us today. Our expert designers will create a jump drive with the right look for your team.


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