Lego Piece 32557

Lego Piece 32557

This Lego piece has a shape that's a bit different.

Whatever you do, don't google Lego piece 32557!

Well... we did. Staying inside all day during the pandemic was a bummer. However, there was one silver lining to months of lockdown– the flood of internet memes! From Bernie's mittens to sea shanties on Tik Tok, the internet kept us entertained while we quarantined. During this time, a few popular memes revolving around oddly shaped Lego pieces emerged.

Lego is a popular toy brand that makes interlocking block toys in various shapes. There were a couple of Lego shapes that drew viral interest. The first Lego piece meme seen by many was piece 26047. The shape of this piece roughly resembles the characters from the popular video game Among Us! That was good, but the next piece drew significantly more attention. That was Lego piece 32557, a piece with a shape that's interesting, to say the least. This piece, which is a Technic Pin Connector, became the subject of internet memes for its suggestive shape, a joke that spread through Tik Tok and Twitter like wildfire.

As the meme grew, it evolved. The evocative nature of Lego piece 32557 made it the new subject of 'don't google' memes. These are memes where the text informs the reader not to google a particular subject, which can lead to results that range from shocking to mildly humorous. Lego piece 32557 falls somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.

The Lego Piece 32557 USB Flash Drive

Lego Piece 32557 USB Flash Drive

At Logotech, we found the meme just as funny as the rest of the internet world. But, unlike the rest of the world, we are the industry leader in custom-shaped products! We decided to take action, which is how we wound up with the image of the Lego Piece 32557 USB flash drive.

The Lego Piece 32557 USB drive is inspired by piece 32557. On one side, the piece number is printed. On the flip side, there is an indent with a slider. Moving the slider up reveals the USB connector from the end of the Lego piece! If your friends or associates also enjoyed the piece 32557 meme, you can revive the joke with these USB drives.

32557 Meme Flash Drive

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much storage space is available on custom flash drives?

A: Logotech offers flash drives with 128 MB to 256 GB of storage space.

Q: What sort of custom shapes can Logotech produce?

A: Logotech can turn any 2D or 3D image into promotional products! If you're short on ideas, check out our 100% custom products page!

Q: What materials are custom flash drives made from?

A: We can produce your flash drives with various materials; the most commonly used are PVC rubber or ABS plastic.

Q: Is there a minimum order limit for flash drives?

A: Yes, there is a 100-unit minimum for Logotech flash drives.

Q: How are logos put on custom flash drives?

A: Logotech can either print your logo directly on the drives or make it a part of the mold.

Q: What can I print on custom flash drives?

A: Logotech can print anything on your custom flash drives, so long as your logo fits in the space allotted. If your desired design doesn't fit on the product, we will help retool your design or find a better-suited product.