10 Promotional Products Perfect for Medical Professionals

10 Promotional Products Perfect for Medical Professionals

Show your appreciation with these gifts for healthcare professionals!

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, our healthcare workers have become even more essential than they already were. Nurse burnout is the term for mental, emotional, and physical distress nurses can experience due to their intense work conditions; nurse burnout has been a crucial issue during the pandemic. If you're looking to let medical professionals know you appreciate them, gifting medical promotional items is an excellent idea. Whether your staff or your clients, custom-branded gear from Logotech is the perfect way to let the medical workers in your life know how much they matter to you. Let's review the ten best medical promotional items for healthcare giveaways!

1. Face Masks

Once the pandemic began, so did the face mask frenzy. Because the novel coronavirus is primarily spread through droplets in the air, wearing a mask is essential to stopping the transmission of the virus. Logotech has hundreds of options for KN95 masks, cloth masks, disposable masks, and face shields, all available to be printed with your custom logo or message. Healthcare professionals are sure to appreciate our comfortable, high-quality masks, and we also offer cooling headbands with mask holders to take the strain off the ears. There's no place where masks are more necessary than hospitals, and when you're working such long shifts, having a comfortable mask is a must. Take that burden off employees with our custom face masks.

2. Sanitizers

The CDC recommends using hand sanitizer when hand washing is not available to help avoid getting sick and spreading germs. Having sanitizers readily available for nurses and doctors is huge, as it allows them to ensure their hands stay clean between washes and after their shifts. Medical professionals are constantly washing their hands and will appreciate having a secondary option for cleanliness. Logotech has many customizable hand sanitizers, ranging from 60% to 80% alcohol, both scented and unscented. But liquid hand sanitizers aren't the only sanitizing products available these days! Sanitizing sprays are great options for keeping surfaces disinfected as well as your hands, and Logotech has many options for sanitizing sprays. Our pocket-sized mist sprayers are perfect for anyone in the medical field. Gift the medical professionals in your life custom hand sanitizers and sanitizing sprays to make their shifts a little easier.

3. Touchless Tools

One innovative product to come out of the pandemic are touchless tool keys! These nifty tools let folks open doors, flush toilets, and press buttons without direct touch! These can be especially useful for medical professionals, who often interact with surfaces that could be contaminated with harmful bacteria or viruses. Touchless tools can be attached to keychains, so they are always at your side, and Logotech even has a touchless tool with a stylus for use with public touch screens! No one can avoid using public handles and buttons entirely, but with Logotech's touchless tools, you can allow your healthcare workers to avoid direct touch as much as possible.

4. Thermometers

When working in a fast-paced environment, one of the most frustrating things can be finding out you're short on essential tools. Few places could this be truer than in a hospital environment! An infusion of custom-branded thermometers is one way to avoid this issue. Nurses and doctors will love having quick and easy access to thermometers, and you can get them printed with your custom branding! At Logotech, we have a wide range of thermometers available; infrared forehead thermometers, disposable forehead thermometers strips, and conventional digital thermometers. Get your medical staff a gift they'll frequently use with custom thermometers!

5. Backpacks, Tote Bags, and Duffle Bags

Backpacks, tote bags, and duffle bags also make excellent gifts for healthcare professionals. Like anybody else, medical professionals have plenty of use for backpacks and bags. With Logotech, you can put your logo on a huge selection of backpacks, totes, and duffle bags, turning them from ordinary merchandise to healthcare swag. Gifting these bags to the medical professionals in your life, whether your staff or clients, will show them they're appreciated, and who doesn't like free stuff? These bags give healthcare professionals a convenient (and branded!) option for transporting personal items to and from the hospital or office.

6. Lunch Boxes

When you're working the intense hours demanded of nurses and doctors, going out for lunch can become nearly impossible. With custom lunch boxes from Logotech, you can help your healthcare professionals get a satisfying meal without leaving the building. Logotech offers many different styles of lunchboxes. Cooler tote bags, bento-style lunch sets with utensils, classic metal lunch boxes, and to-go lunch sets made from recycled plastic are all available options that can be printed with your branding. Lunch boxes make ideal hospital promotional items, where nurses and doctors can have demanding shifts that allow them very little free time. A microwavable lunch container can allow them to prepare great meals before their shift and then microwave them during whatever free time they can find during their day. This is the sort of medical giveaway that can really improve the day-to-day life of your healthcare workers.

7. Travel Mugs and Tumbler Cups

Studies have shown that doctors and nurses are often dehydrated at the beginning and end of their shifts. That is not good, as dehydration can lead to headaches and brain fog, which could impair medical workers' abilities to perform their jobs. Help fight against this by offering customized travel mugs and tumblers for your doctors and nurses! Travel mugs and tumblers make it easy to consume coffee, water, or any other beverage while on the go. With the constant movement from one room and floor to the next, medical professionals will welcome a new option to bring their favorite beverages wherever they go. You can choose from a vast selection of customizable tumblers and travel mugs with Logotech!

8. Stress Balls and Fidget Toys

Nursing can be one of the most demanding and stressful occupations in the modern world, which was true even before the COVID-19 pandemic significantly increased their workload. Give your employees a way to alleviate this stress with customized stress balls! Stress balls can help your body release built-up stress and anxiety, and squeezing them is just plain fun! A similarly great option are fidget toys. Fidget toys, like spinners, cubes, suction toys, and more, can also help relieve tension and anxiety. Get these custom branded with your logo and offer healthcare workers a fun and simple way to relax.

9. On The Go First Aid Kits

Another excellent option for medical giveaways is portable first aid kits. Nurses' and doctors' jobs are never really done. When someone has a medical emergency, off-the-clock healthcare professionals are always quick to snap into action and save the day. Assist these noble efforts by offering custom-branded first-aid kits for medical workers! Logotech has tons of options for first aid kits, which all can be produced with your custom branding.

10. Lanyards and Badge Holders

ID badges are used to identify employees in hospitals and doctor's offices; this makes custom lanyards and badge holders an excellent choice for medical promotional items. Logotech has a large selection of unique badge holders and lanyards! Our retractable badge holders can be clipped to pockets to keep ID badges out of the way and still easily accessible. We have a retractable badge holder that features a touchless tool and stylus; a versatile option medical professionals will love. We also offer lanyards for holding masks as well as ID badges. These help ensure your mask is always within reach when it's not actively worn.

There are hundreds of thousands of promotional products and gifts. We know that the mentioned above products are the tip of the iceberg. This is why we went ahead and created the category of curated promo products for healthcare professionals.

Logotech has the best gifts for healthcare workers, with the lowest prices and many options for placing your branding on the products. Send us your logo and a product you're interested in today, and receive a free digital sample!