Choosing the Best Water Bottle for Kids Going to School

Choosing the Best Water Bottle for Kids Going to School

Select the correct water bottle for kids to help keep them hydrated.

Staying hydrated is important for everybody, but it's crucial for young children going to school and playing sports! According to the CDC, about half of school-aged kids are under-hydrated. Children spend tons of time in school during key developmental years, and if they aren't adequately hydrated, they could stop short of their full potential. There is a well-established link between dehydration and poor cognitive performance, and everyone's familiar with its adverse effects on your mood and physical state. In past decades, schools have encouraged students to bring reusable water bottles from home to reduce waste and promote hydration. Selecting the best water bottle for kids can allow your children, students, or young athletes to stay hydrated and perform to their fullest capabilities. So, what should you be looking for in a children's water bottle?

How to pick the perfect water bottle for kids at school.

When attempting to select kid's water bottles for school, it's easy to feel flooded with options. There are many things to consider that can narrow down the field; let's explore some factors.

1. Safety

The first thing every parent thinks about when it comes to their children is their safety, and it should be no different with children's water bottles. For kids, glass bottles should be avoided due to the obvious shattering hazard. If you opt for a plastic water bottle, you should choose one made with BPA-free plastic.

2. Durability

Kids are not always the most careful when it comes to their belongings. Any water bottle entrusted to a kid heading off to school or practice will likely take a beating. Hence, you want to ensure you give them a water bottle that can handle the abuse. Glass bottles can shatter, and even plastic bottles can split open with significant impacts. The best water bottles for kids will generally be stainless steel or aluminum.

3. Ease of use

Along with a child's carelessness, their size is another thing to consider. Children can have a tough time gripping larger water bottles made for adults, so bottles that are easy to grip or smaller in circumference are a great option. You should also think about the type of lid; screw-off tops can be harder for younger children to open, so push-button lids, foldable straw lids, or pop-top nozzles are a better way to go.

4. Leaking

Next, maybe the most important factor of all: will the bottle leak? Kids often leave water bottles in their desks, lockers, and backpacks, and the bottle could be on its side or entirely upside down. A bottle closure that doesn't leak could be the only thing between your child and a desk full of soggy homework. Water bottles with screw-off lids rarely have leaking issues, so this can be a good choice for older kids. Nozzle-style lids often have leaking issues, so they should be avoided for school.

5. Child-specific considerations

Lastly, it's essential to know all the relevant rules for your child's school and consider your child's or student's specific needs. Some schools have specific water bottle guidelines, like requiring certain styles of lids or requiring the bottles to be see-through. At many less privileged schools, there is no access to healthy drinking water or water fountains. If this is the case, you should give your child a much larger bottle for the day, as they won't have access to refills. Additionally, it makes sense to get larger water bottles for older kids. Make sure to consider these case-specific factors before your purchase!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much water should students be drinking a day?

A: Answers vary depending on age, but typically in the range of 40-70 ounces per day is recommended.

Q: What are the best lid types for children's water bottles?

A: For water bottles kids take to school, Logotech suggests push-top lids or foldable straws.

Q: Should I choose stainless steel or aluminum for my kid's water bottle?

A: Generally for kids, stainless steel water bottles are preferable because they're a superior insulator and react with very few fluids.