Electric Conduit Bender USB Drive

Electric Conduit Bender USB Drive

Try a new angle for marketing in the electric power industry.

The rise of electricity in the 20th century transformed society. Electric power controls every function of our modern infrastructure! Because of this, the maintenance and repair of electric power is a massive occupation, with millions of people employed by the electric power industry.

For working electricians, conduit bending is a significant part of the job. Conduit bending allows electricians to form pipe and conduit so it can fit where needed. In the 1950s, Jack Benfield invented the hand conduit bender and pioneered its use, which quickly became popular. These days, electric conduit benders allow electricians to work much faster and more precisely.

Logotech produced this electric conduit bender flash drive for a leading producer of electrical tools. These drives resemble a 3D model of an electric conduit bender. The top half of the bender separates from the bottom to reveal the USB connector! If you work in the electrical contracting space, use these custom USB drives to help market your brand! Logotech can print your custom logo directly on the conduit bender drives.

Custom-branded promotional products are a tried-and-true method to get your brand noticed. You can offer these drives to clients or employees as a corporate gift. You could also hand them out at trade shows and conventions, preloaded with your company information! This turns the drives into a memorable digital brochure for your business.

Logotech is the best place to get custom-shaped promotional products. We have over a decade of experience with custom shapes, and providing a pleasant customer experience is our top priority. Do you have a custom shape you want in the form of USB drives or other promotional products? Create an account with Logotech, and an account manager will reach out to get started with your custom products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I have preloaded on custom USB drives?

A: Logotech can preload your flash drives with all sorts of files– text files, videos, PowerPoints, etc.– provided they fit within the drives' allotted storage space.

Q: Is there a minimum order limit for custom flash drives?

A: Yes, there is a minimum order limit of 100 units for Logotech's USB drives.

Q: Does Logotech offer samples of custom products?

A: Yes, Logotech offers digital and physical samples of customized products.