Casket USB Flash Drive

Casket USB Flash Drive

Liven up your funeral home promotion with casket flash drives.

Death is a tragic but inevitable part of life, and funerals are the same. Funeral processions let us grieve our lost loved ones in a healthy environment, which is a much older tradition than one would think. Did you know humans have been burying their loved ones since before the beginning of recorded history?

The constancy of death means funeral homes are necessary parts of any community. There are more than 18,000 funeral homes in the United States alone! With the demand for funeral services, raising brand visibility can significantly impact your business! One great way to do this is with promotional products, like custom USB drives.

Logotech's custom casket USB drive is perfect for funeral homes, mortuaries, or other businesses involved in funeral services. Give them away to customers, or bring them to conferences and expos; both are great options for spreading your brand name!

Logotech can preload custom flash drives with your chosen content. Upload catalogs, video tours, and your contact information to the drives to create a unique virtual business card!

Our account managers are experts in the production of custom shaped products. Create an account with Logotech today to get started with your order!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What materials are custom flash drives made with?

A: Logotech's custom flash drives are produced with various materials. Most commonly, PVC rubber, ABS plastic, or metal are used.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity for flash drives?

A: For custom flash drives, the minimum order quantity is 100 units.

Q: What colors are available for custom flash drives?

A: Logotech offers color matching using the Pantone Matching System; therefore, thousands of colors are available.

Q: Does Logotech offer rush orders?

A: Logotech is always willing to try expedited production for your products. Create an account with Logotech or contact your account manager for more details.