Experiential Marketing - Maximizing Sponsorship and Impressions

Experiential Marketing - Maximizing Sponsorship and Impressions

Experiential marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that creates one of the most intimate experiences between audiences and brands. The challenge is how to successfully engaging an audience to create that brand recognition.

There are several approaches to this task, many of which can be very costly. We have one idea that guarantees as many impressions as there are number of attendees of an event and promises for some serious branding.

USB drives provide a long lasting gift that anyone in the 21st century can appreciate: Free Storage. A wristband or lanyard must be worn by everyone person attending an event that charges admission and/or has check-in. Combine the two and customize it with your logo, icon, and/or slogan, and you have one of the most effective sponsorship activation.

USB wristbands come in black leather style with silver attachments that represent the style of men's jewelry, or you can get the imprinted flashbands in multiple colors in rubber. These are the most durable of their kind. Choose from red, black, orange, purple, and blue.

If you are raising sponsorship for an event you are producing, this is a great incentive for brands you are pitching to. Impressions are what sell. This boosts and guarantees impressions for your sponsors.

You can take the custom USB thumb drives further by making it a social media tool. Upload files that will take users directly to your social profiles after they take the wristband home with them. Further increasing the number of impressions and increasing your conversion rate!

Make flash drives for your industry part of your experiential marketing plans. These custom shapes will wow attendees at your events to further engage them with your brand.