Have USB Drives Replaced CDs and DVDs?

Have USB Drives Replaced CDs and DVDs?

Today's advancing technologies are virtually eliminating paper and CDs as a solution to any type of option to deliver media or content. The cost of storage has diminished, while the capabilities in storage size has increased, and the size of the storage device has shrunk. In a nut shell, you can store enough data in one thumb drive that would take up a whole binder of CDs.

Two of three customers presented with custom branded USB drives at an event, conference, or promotional booth they visited said they are very likely to keep that device for personal use. Your logo reminds them of your company and where they got it from.

Flash drives for photography are now used by half of professional photographers to deliver their pictures to customers. Whether a wedding, school pictures, modeling shoot, architectural or landscape, the world of photography is changing with the implementation of high density imaging and hi resolution capabilities now on the market. When you consider you can get a SINGLE custom USB thumb drive from Logotech that can hold 32 DVDs on a single platform, you see how technology is changing in warp speed time.

A third of all concerts around the world now do real time music recording at the live event and sell copies immediately after the event is over. How is this music delivered to fans? You guessed it, a flash drive for entertainment!

The trends in digital marketing will continue as processing power continues to grow exponentially and the demand for larger storage capacity packed into smaller USB drives. The cost is low, the creative opportunities huge. Check out our bulk flash drives today to replace your CD and DVD media.