Earth Day Ideas for Any Business or Office

Earth Day Ideas for Any Business or Office

5 simple promotions for your eco-friendly initiatives. 


As Kermit the Frog tells us, it is not easy to be green.

Doing things that are good for the planet -- being green -- is not always easy for many businesses.

Turning off lights during the day in favor of natural light is great. Not all office spaces have the windows to allow that. Turning up or down heat and air conditioning settings can save power. The settings may not be up to an individual office space. Many aspects of building management, from recycling to water use, may be outside your control. 

There are still things companies can do in small ways to help conserve energy, recycle, and help the planet. That includes celebrating Earth Day.

Held each April 22 since 1970, Earth Day asks everyone to take some time that day to consider their impact on the planet. The website,, suggests steps community groups, schools and individuals can take.

What about businesses? Why does it matter to corporations whether they embrace green projects and Earth Day?

A 2018 survey suggests 77 percent of American consumers are more loyal to purpose-driven brands. They want eco-friendly products. They will support businesses who promote green initiatives.

Give those consumers what they want. Tell them what your company does to reach your green goals.

Here are some Earth Day project ideas your company can do. These small things can help your office be more sustainable, healthier, and earth-friendly.


Earth Day Cleanup Project Idea


Host a Virtual Green Speaker Event.  

This may be simpler to create than you think. Many cities have recycling or sustainability coordinators. School districts have environmental science teachers.  Colleges often have a speakers bureau that connects experts like the ecology professors to the community.

These are all resources to find a local resident expert. That person can then speak to what you and your customers can do individually. (Offer a stipend for a speaker's appearance, or check on what expectations are for payment).

Take a half-hour out of your day in late April -- on or near Earth Day -- to offer an online chat with that expert. Invite staff to join the discussion. You may even open up the event for customers to learn what their offices can do to help.

It is important to keep the chat brief, 15-20 minutes. No one wants to be in an hour-long Zoom conference. Make your expert speaker's tips and suggestions available on your website when the event is done. Share that website link during the conversation.

You can even record the conversation. Upload it to YouTube and the company website once it is over.


Social Media Posts. 

A series of Earth Day social media posts is a nice way to share tips and your company's efforts with followers.

Do you have a blog where you talk about your company, its products and its achievements? Write about your green initiatives there. Share those posts on your Facebook or Twitter page.

If you do plan an Earth Day forum, share the event on social media and invite customers to join in.

Get your speakers talking points before the event. Expand on those in your social media posts once it is over. Invite your fans to share them, too.


Office Challenges. 

During the covid pandemic, many companies started online events as a way to keep staff interacting. Use one of these meet-ups to promote an Earth Day event. Create challenges for your staff to participate in either during or in preparation for it.

One idea is for a recycled fashion show. Invite your staff to make something out of trash that can be reused (not just tossed when the event is done). It does not have to be wearable, but a good reuse of something that would otherwise get thrown out.

Show off some of your employee's creativity. Patterns found on line show how to make pot scrubbers or door mats from plastic grocery bags. Recycled fashion can include making bags or dog toys out of old blue jeans.

During the meeting (online or in person) have everyone vote on the best reuse. You can even auction off the best finished product. Donate the money raised to a local charity, food bank or green organization in the company name.

Do you have inspirational posters in your office? How about doing an Earth Day poster idea for your staff? Ask them to create a poster around a theme you pick.

Your graphic designers may have an edge for this idea. Crafters and artists may beat them. Invite your staff's children to create one and pick a winner among those. Have the contestants take a photo of their work, then post them on your intranet or send out an e-survey to pick the winner. Get it framed for the office or for the winner to take home. 

Again, the winning posters can become the basis for a social media post or online marketing campaign.


Clean Up Day.

Trash pick up days are a great way to get staff outside and walk, get to know each other better, and beautify the area. Pick a day during office hours for an outdoors cleanup event. That can be around your building, at a local park, or along the streets of your city.

Some towns will provide grabbing sticks and garbage bags for a neighborhood clean up. Call your city to find out if those are available. If not, buy heavy-duty garbage bags and vinyl gloves for picking up trash. Give staff promotional t-shirts to wear as they clean up. The event can be just an hour of picking up litter, or half a work day. It is up to you.

This can also be a challenge. Give a prize -- perhaps a company branded promotional gift -- to the person or group that brings in the most trash by weight or by bags collected. Give a prize for the weirdest thing found during the clean up.

Have someone take photos during the clean up. Post those to your social media channels as well.


Create an Office Recycling Program. 

Many office buildings do not offer recycling. Your office can still recycle.

You may have to either find a drop-off location, or a service that will come pick up the recycling bin regularly. Speak to the building management, or reach out to your city to learn what options are available to you. Either may have more suggestions on how your office can reduce its trash and more recycling options.

Do you have anyone on staff who loves to garden? That person may have ideas on composting options if food waste is a problem for your office kitchen.

Little things, when done by many, have a huge impact on the amount of trash and waste your office produces. Many ideas can save money over time, since less trash means less hauling it away.


  Earth Day Promotional Product Ideas


What else can you do to reduce office waste? 

Challenge your staff to reduce the amount of paper they print. Will your office printer and/or copier print on both sides of the paper? Check the settings and change them if they will. Show staff how to change their computer's printing preferences. Send PDFs instead of printed copies.

Does your company still send out a printed catalog or brochures? Put those printed copies on custom recycled plastic flash drives instead. Not only are they less expensive to print and mail, they are also easier to tote along to a sales call or trade show.

Speaking of totes, have you given your staff custom printed shopping bags with your logo or slogan on them? What about reusable lunch containers with bamboo utensils for their breaks?

Plastic straws are a huge waste problem and are not recyclable. Reusable straws made of silicone or stainless steel are very popular to prevent plastic from getting into our oceans.

Stop buying single-use water bottles for your employees. Get everyone their own reusable water bottle (with your branding on it, naturally) and encourage them to fill it up from the tap.

When you give staff and customers something they can use to reduce waste and save money in the process, they will use them. When you model good behavior and do it yourself, your employees will follow. 

We suggest any of our eco-friendly products as part of your corporate gift program and Earth Day promotions. Contact Logotech or register for an account today. Then send over your logo. Our expert designers will send back suggestions for greener promotional products with your logo on them.