Custom Home USB Flash Drive

Custom Home USB Flash Drive

Build your marketing plans with custom shaped products.

The housing market is still hot. Show clients why new construction is the way to go with a Custom Home USB Flash Drive.

Yes, new home construction continues in the U.S. A caveat comes with that: delays continue for construction materials and labor. If you can wait -- and have the patience for a new build -- you can get the house you want without competing with other buyers and investors for the same property.

There are other benefits to custom houses. You get to choose the layout, square footage, landscaping and the conveniences you want. New homes are often much more energy-efficient than older stock. What you spend on construction might be saved in long-term utility costs.

What should custom home builders put on their custom flash drives? You can preload your thumb drives with virtual tours of their new home and photos of your past projects. Give your buyer flash drives loaded with information about their new home, neighborhood, and community assets on closing day. You can also load all of the closing documents on jump drives in some states.

Would you like to see how your custom homes look as a 100 percent custom product? Contact your Logotech Account Manager or register an account with us today. Our expert designers will make a product as unique as the houses you build.

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