Industrial Pump USB Flash Drive

Industrial Pump USB Flash Drive

Pump up your promotional marketing plans.

Pumps come in all different shapes for a variety of uses. We can design an Industrial Pump USB Flash Drive for whatever variety your company makes.

Our customer requested this pump to promote its oil field pumps. The twin-screw action, multi-phase pump moves crude oil for the industry.

Screw pumps have been around for a long time. Greek philosopher Archimedes described one around 234 BC. Their construction and use are so specific that dozens of companies around the world manufacture and sell them for multitudes of uses.

What can your company do with a custom shaped, 3D flash drive for its pumps? Load them up with vendor information, repair and warranty documents, and videos of your pumps working in the field.

Would you like to see how great your logo and product look in a 100 percent custom product? Contact your Logotech Account Manager or create an account today. Our expert designers will find the right custom shape that won't drain your budget.


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