Petal Camera Lens USB Flash Drive

Petal Camera Lens USB Flash Drive

Go pro with custom products that reflect your gear.

Professional photographers know the right gear makes a huge difference when shooting in harsh conditions. Show clients you have the right stuff for their project with a Petal Camera Lens USB Flash Drive.

Unless you want the lens flare look (see JJ Abrams' Star Trek films, for example), you need a lens hood. These covers help block light on bright days, shoot a backlit subject, or when there is a chance of off-camera flashes ruining your shot.

That is why professional photographers have, or should have, a few of these for their lenses. Regardless of your area of expertise -- weddings and family photos, sports or outdoors -- be ready for anything.

A custom flash drive can also help you be ready for anything. Start talking about photography at an event where you are NOT shooting? Keep extra flash drives on you as a promotional gift to attract new clients. Preload your thumb drives with watermarked examples of your work, contract templates and a link to your website and gallery.

Would you like to see your photography business logo on a 100 percent custom product? Then contact your Logotech Account Manager or create an account today. We will help your business shoot for the stars.

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