Computer Server USB Flash Drive

Computer Server USB Flash Drive

Host your promotional goals with our custom computer server USB flash drive.

Our client makes servers for media companies who use heavy data and graphics. High quality digital images and graphics can take up a lot of room. Clunky, slow servers can mean production time lost.

Slow, badly made USB drives can do the same. A bad thumb drive leaves a bad taste in a customer's mouth and we never want that to happen. Logotech uses Grade A, Tier 1 chips made from the center cuts of the silicon wafers all memory uses. That ensures our drives will last longer than those offered by third-party resellers. We also do H5 Quality Checks on our chips. That tests our drives from sector 0 to the last sector by writing/reading.

Whether you manufacture computers, servers and components or your a star on the sales side, these branded flash drives are sure to connect for your customers. Preload them with technical specifications, user guides, warranty information, and sales team contacts.

Don't lag behind your competition. Invest in your potential customers with promotional products from Logotech. Ready to get started? Go to our custom USB page to get started!

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