Coin Shaped USB Flash Drive

Coin Shaped USB Flash Drive

Present the two faces of your business or educational program.

Want to show your business or program has two distinct sides to it? You will flip over our Coin USB Flash Drive.

This client trains future medical doctors and other health professionals on empathy, mindfulness and active listening. While the students use their brains to learn how to treat patients, they are also learning how to engage their hearts and emotions. That additional training makes them better doctors in the future.

While they wanted a coin with a brain on one side and a heart on the other, the two sides of a coin can illustrate many ideas.

Since early societies began minting coins, the two sides have always meant something. The coin's head often depicted either gods and goddesses or royalty. Horses and lions were also popular to show strength and regal lines. The tail, the obverse side, often used designs to depict strength, honesty and trust.

A custom shaped coin flash drive displays those ideas for your business. You can put your logo on one side. Make the coin's tail anything you want! Recently redesign your image? Put your classic logo on the second side. Or any idea that demonstrates the two sides of your company,

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