Spoon USB Flash Drive

Spoon USB Flash Drive

Spoon-feed customers information about your products.

Give your business just the right promotional mix with a Spoon USB Flash Drive.

This client makes delicious, vegan non-dairy products that taste and scoop up like the real thing. They can load up a spoon thumb drive with details about how their products are made and how to order them for grocery stores or home delivery. Spoons are the perfect design for the company's promotional gift.

Many clients in the culinary arts, food manufacturing and food processing industries use flash drives to share their company stories and win new contracts. We have done a fork USB flash drive, food packaging thumb drives, and even avocado flash drives for past customers.

Load thumb drives with videos displaying your factory's capabilities. Share with customers how your product goes from farm to table in a sustainable way. Fill them up with recipes -- and photos of the food -- using your custom culinary products.

Whatever idea you have to coordinate with your brand, our expert designers and state-of-the-art production facilities can make them for you. 

Want to see your idea for a custom shaped flash drive to promote your food-based business? Go to our 100 Percent Custom products page to get started. Then, contact Logotech or request a quote today.


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