Tire and Wheel USB Flash Drive

Tire and Wheel USB Flash Drive

Customized wheels need custom shaped flash drives.

Does your company make replica wheels for the automotive industry or fabricate custom rims? Then our Tire and Wheel USB Flash Drives are the perfect fit.

This client manufactures and wholesales replica wheels for cars in the U.S. We completely customized the design to match their logo and after-market wheels.

Custom thumb drives are a favorite in the custom automotive parts industry. How popular are they? We have a whole category of flash drives for the automotive industry to ignite new ideas.

How can you use 3D flash drives as part of your overall marketing strategy? Fill them up with catalogs and videos of your cars or custom parts winning on the racetrack. Installation and maintenance videos and diagrams can also teach shops how to use your products.

Then, give your thumb drives away at events like the Chicago Auto Show. Sell them with the parts at the shops that carry your products. Give them to customers as part of your overall marketing plans.

Get ready to rev up your promotional products. First, check out all of our 100 Percent Custom Products, then contact your Logotech Account Manager to get started.


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